Deputy for Saeroun: For this reason, we are violating Al-Halbousi, and this is our position regarding the vacant cabinet

21/5/2020 16:29


A member of the House of Representatives revealed that the group of Saeroun Parliamentary Mudher Khazal, today, Thursday, the reasons for the dispute between the bloc and Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi.
Khazal said, "The escalation process towards Halbousi was not only followed by other pilgrims, and it is not the only parliamentary bloc that has observations on the Speaker of Parliament."

He added: "All the representatives who signed the beginning of the parliament sessions, and did not disrupt the Legislative Council during a long period, and were absent from the political scene, and the committees not exercising their duties in monitoring and legislation, considered that there is a failure in the performance of the House of Representatives," noting that "this is the point of disagreement with the Speaker of the Council."

Regarding the vacant cabinet, among others, "all other positions are fixed from the positions of the first and second ministerial cabinet, and I entrust the matter to the Prime Minister."