Parliamentary Finance: The government should start preparing the budget of 2021

5/22/2020 15:08


Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hanin al-Qaddo, confirmed that the government should start preparing the budget of 2021 in July, which requires it to complete the 2020 budget as soon as possible, denying at the same time that there are numerical estimates about the budget deficit.
Al-Kiddo said in a press statement, "Legislation of the 2020 budget law needs to be speedy with achievement, as the government should start two months from today to discuss next year's budget."
He added that "the deficit in the budget is still unknown, and this matter cannot be speculated in light of the crisis and low oil prices, as the budget needs a new study from the government and a rapid achievement to be submitted to Parliament."
And that "the government and if it completes the budget for the current year, the parliament will vote on an austerity budget, even though the legislature has no knowledge of the amount of deficits that the budget suffers."