A former parliamentarian reveals a Sunni Kurdish consensus to prevent the replacement of Halbousi and Saleh

5/23/2020 14:21


Former MP Jasim Muhammad Jaafar revealed, on Saturday, that there is a political consensus between the Kurdish and Sunni forces to prevent the downfall of the presidency and parliament, noting that the Al-Fatah coalition is not enthusiastic about calls to dismiss the remaining presidencies.
Jaafar said in a press statement that "there is a political consensus between the Sunnis and the Kurds to prevent the replacement of the Presidents of the Republic by Barham Salih and the House of Representatives Muhammad al-Halbousi after the others attempt to reconsider the presidency of the parliament."

Jaafar added that "the Sunni and Kurdish forces have about 90 deputies and will mobilize other votes in order to prevent any political movement to replace Al-Halbousi or Saleh."

He continued, "The Al-Fateh Alliance is not enthusiastic about creating a new political problem in light of the economic, political and security crises in the country in the event of the sacking of the Speaker of Parliament or the Republic."