A deputy addresses Al-Kazemi: We are your bloc and the people of your party are making progress towards hitting corruption and do not hesitate to disarm

Posted, 6/27/2020 22:03


Ayna News -

Baghdad, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Ahmed Hama, issued an invitation to Al-Kazemi to strike corruption, restore the prestige of the state, and control uncontrolled weapons.

Hama said in a tweet seen by the news agency, "To Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, kindly say that you do not have a representative bloc, I say fight corruption and strike it with an iron hand. We will be your parliamentary bloc, please do not have a political party, return the prestige to the state. Only the state, it is the key to your success. ”

Al-Kazimi stated during his meeting yesterday, Thursday, with a group of media professionals, journalists and political analysts, that he is “happy to meet friends from the media and journalists, and talk to you with him, and that he has a dream of protecting the democracy that the word protects, and the vision presented by the media and journalists” is the leaders and makers of public opinion.

The Prime Minister continued, “We must all support reforms, because it means the search for justice.” And the Iraqis who lived inside Iraq suffered a lot more than those who left outside Iraq, and any citizen has the right to receive compensation, but it is not a person’s right to obtain More than compensation in one case at the expense of many of the poor. ”

And he added that "the white paper that the government is working on is a reform and distribution paper for justice for all, and we will soon launch a project to restore life to Baghdad, as we launched a project to end the completion of hospitals that were not completed for a long time, and we have a project to support young people to establish small projects."

He went on to say: “We do not have a banking system, and we work to achieve a banking system and its advancement, because it is the pillar of any state, and we work very hard to find a mechanism to advance the reality of banks because they have turned into fiefdoms, and in some cases, facades of political influence and mafias”, indicating that “investment is The solution to the problems, but it needs a safe environment, after providing security and services, and we have to support and protect the investor. ”

He added, "There is a loss of billions of dollars annually in the outlets, and there are gangs, groups, bandits and influential people, who sometimes control the outlets and at the expense of the state, and there will be a campaign soon to restore consideration to the outlets, and we will fight ghosts," adding that "the money is property The Iraqi people, not the powerful or the arms-bearers who impose their will at the expense of the public interest.

And he stated: “We will soon take a set of measures to change some administrative sites in the state, and after that we will hear a campaign of deformation of the government, because there will be those who will be affected by these changes, and we will say frankly: We have nothing to lose, and our bet on the media and the journalists and on the people, if not They let us work, so we will come out with clean hands, ”pointing out that“ corruption is more dangerous than terrorism, because it helps terrorists, and we will have a campaign to follow up on the causes of this corruption and pursue the corrupt. ”

It is noteworthy that, late Thursday, Iraqi anti-terrorist forces raided the headquarters of the "Hezbollah Brigades" south of Baghdad and launched arrests.

The Joint Operations Command said in a statement that "while we confirm the seriousness of this behavior and its threat to the security of the state and its democratic political system, we show that these entities have used the capabilities of the state, and in a manner that cannot be permitted under any pretext."

1. Accurate intelligence was available on people who had previously targeted the Green Zone and Baghdad International Airport with indirect fire several times.

The statement added, "After the arrest process was completed, it was clear that armed parties moved with government wheels and without official approval towards government headquarters from inside and outside the Green Zone. They approached one of the headquarters of the anti-terrorist agency inside the Green Zone, and contacted it bypass."

He continued, "These parties do not want to be part of the state and its obligations and seek to remain outside the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of the constitutional and legal armed forces."

The joint operations command statement revealed the details of what happened on the night of the raid and said that accurate intelligence was available on the people who had previously targeted the Green Zone and Baghdad International Airport with indirect fire several times.

He stressed that "the concerned agencies monitored new intentions to carry out shootings against government targets inside the Green Zone."

The statement continued, "The whereabouts of the group carrying out the intelligence fire have been identified, and a fundamental arrest warrant has been prepared against them from the Iraqi judiciary in accordance with the anti-terrorism law."

He pointed out that “the anti-terror agency was assigned to implement the obligation to arrest and prevent the terrorist action against state sites, according to jurisdiction, and the agency carried out the mission with a high professionalism, arresting fourteen accused, who are many in the whole group with the criminal evidences of two launching bases.”

The statement indicated that "once the implementation process is completed, a special investigation committee has been formed headed by the Ministry of Interior and the membership of the security services.