Including "cowpea" .. The UAE submitted a request to Iraq to import 4 agricultural crops

6/27/2020 13:46


Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Karim al-Khafaji revealed, on Saturday, that the UAE submitted a request to import four agricultural crops from Iraq, including "cowpea", while referring to Iraq achieving self-sufficiency in several products.
Al-Khafaji said in an interview, that he “received a request from one of the merchants two days ago regarding the export of four agricultural products to the UAE,” noting that “those products are tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and cowpea.”

Khafaji added, "The UAE is the one who requested the import of these products," noting that "there is a demand from the Gulf countries for Iraqi products."

The Minister of Agriculture pointed out that "Iraq was able to achieve self-sufficiency of a number of agricultural products during the last period