Al-Kazemi directs to overcome obstacles to providing electric power to citizens

6/28/2020 14:48


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the officials of the ministries of Electricity and Finance to overcome obstacles to providing electric power to citizens.
A statement of his media office received [Wayne] said, today, Sunday, that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi held a meeting with the Minister of Electricity and Advanced Staff in each of the ministries of Electricity and Finance. During the meeting, the reality of the electrical system at the moment was discussed, and the obstacles facing the Ministry of Electricity and Labor To raise the production capacity of electric power during the current summer season. "

Al-Kazemi stressed the development of a timely and rapid plan to address the current electricity situation, and future plans to develop the electrical system and address the mistakes of the past, in a way that achieves self-sufficiency, and stressed that the current circumstance requires not only to diagnose errors, but to set quick solutions and end the suffering of citizens.
He explained that despite the funds that were allocated to the Ministry of Electricity over previous years, the problem of electric energy remained, and it aggravated the suffering of the citizen, as well as its impact on many sectors, stressing that the funds allocated to the ministry must be spent in the right way away from administrative corruption and financial waste .

Al-Kazemi directed, according to the statement, to develop a clear plan for maintenance work, while finding quick solutions to the problems existing in most joints of the electrical system.
For their part, the general managers of the Ministry of Electricity provided a detailed explanation of the maintenance, transmission and distribution procedures, the reasons for the delay, production and distribution obstacles, and the most important treatments to overcome the problem of continuous interruptions.