The Al-Fateh meeting ends with the delivery of two messages to Al-Kazemi .. dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction

6/29/2020 0:55


Ayna News - Baghdad

A senior political source revealed that the meeting of the Shiite political forces at the home of the head of the Al-Fath coalition, Hadi al-Amiri, led to the necessity of delivering messages to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi expressing "discontent" about the government's performance of the Corona crisis and "dissatisfaction" with regard to targeting the popular crowd

. Who preferred not to reveal his identity, that the meeting of the Shiite political forces in the house of the President of the Alliance of Fath Mr. Hadi al-Amiri and in the presence of the President of the State of Law coalition Mr. Nuri al-Maliki and Mr. Faleh al-Fayyad and most other political forces ended up delivering messages to the Prime Minister Mustafa Mustafa Al-Kazemi expressing “discontent” of lack of interest The government is tackling the Corona crisis and the economic crisis, as well as confirming the Shiite leaders that they are not satisfied with targeting the holy crowd. "

The Al-Fateh Alliance confirmed that the popular crowd was found to remain and will remain, while indicating that the task of Al-Kazemi’s government is limited to restoring the prestige of the state and holding early elections.

"The popular crowd is here to stay and it will stay," said coalition spokesman MP Ahmad al-Asadi in a press statement followed by the Ain agency today, noting that "the popular crowd has been without budget for 6 months and has tackled Corona with its available capabilities."

Al-Asadi added, “The popular crowd ensured the burial of Corona victims after everyone was defeated.”
On the issue of the separation of some brigades from the holy shrines from the Popular Mobilization Committee, al-Asadi explained, “The mobilization of thresholds was not linked to the defense but to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.”

To that, Al-Asadi called on the government to "move to prevent politicization of demonstrations and ride its wave by internal and external parties," noting that "the government has failed to contain the crisis of demonstrations and to protect demonstrators."