Deputy: Al-Issawi is still wanted by the judiciary and his return to politics will create problems among Sunni leaders

6/30/2020 16:01


Deputy Fateh Alliance Fadel Jaber affirmed on Tuesday that the accused, Rafi al-Issawi, had not fully resolved cases against him and that he had been released on bail and was still required by the judiciary, stating that Al-Issawi came with a political deal and that his return to political action would create problems between him and the new leaders of the component Sunni.
Jaber said in a press statement, “The accused, Rafi al-Issawi, came with a political deal and with US Gulf support for the purpose of bringing him back to the political scene, but his return will create political problems and crises with the leaders of the new Sunni component.”
He added that "the Iraqi judiciary has not resolved all the cases against it and that it is still required in cases of corruption that are proven against it, but that the judiciary was released on a guarantee bond."
The Supreme Judicial Council announced today, Tuesday, that a date has been set for the trial of former Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi for administrative corruption cases after he decided to release him earlier in the day.