A deputy for other politicians accuses al-Maliki of entrenching the “deep state” and confirms: There is no shame in naming the governor of Zamili for a position

Posted, 06/30/2020 22:24


Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The MP from the Alliance of Rami Al-Skeini attacked the government performance at the time of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and while he affirmed that the leader of the state of law believed in the deep state, he called for giving Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi some time to evaluate the government performance.

Rami Al-Sakaini said, during his hosting of the program (Shortest Roads) presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem, on the "Sharqiya" channel, "Al-Kazemi must have mature behavior with the legislative institution because its role complements the role of the executive authority, especially with government decisions that require the support of parliament." At the same time, to the "absence of the principle of the independence of the authorities, with interference in the appointment of general managers and special grades."

Al-Sukaini added, "Al-Kazemi wants to achieve a change in performance, and we are observing his first 100 days, and we will take a stand after it," stressing the need to "give the prime minister time to make the needed change."

He continued, "The administrative changes, and in the event that they take place without returning to the blocs, we support them because presenting them to the political blocs will expose Al-Kazimi to blackmail," noting that "Al-Kazemi must limit some decisions to his hand and Parliament should play its supervisory role."

He pointed out that "Al-Kazemi has the right to seek personalities with experience, including the governor of Zamili who has run the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee for eight years and hand him over to the National Security Agency, for example, and this is not a shame for Al-Kazemi if he chooses one of the political men, and also Abdul Hussein Abtan who ran the Ministry of Youth and Sports, And it is appointed according to criteria that he chooses, because he will be held accountable. "

He pointed out that "the power parties that fear extinction objected to Al-Kazimi's recent decisions because they feared them, and there are tools that must be changed because they proved their failure, especially in the days of demonstrations."

And he continued, "The Alliance of Saeron is not the only one to support Al-Kazemi's current decisions. There is a coalition of victory, the stream of wisdom, and the Union of National Forces are supporters as well."

He stressed that "some political forces invoke the templates to impose their will and decisions to prevent Al-Kazemi from making changes", pointing out that "Al-Kazemi will correct some tools in Abdul Mahdi's government and must limit the centralization to his hand."

The MP from the Alliance of Others in Parliament attacked former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about his government performance, saying, "More than the established share and the deep state is Maliki's governments for 8 years and more than he believed in that is the state of law."

He added that "Al-Maliki established partisanship and shared state institutions, to the extent that I reached faith in appointing party mattress and leaving whoever is with the rank of professor," noting that "Al-Maliki led the ministries of defense, interior, finance, and other institutions and institutions, and this is a coup against the state."