Member of it: Parliamentary finance will start preparing the budget of 2021 soon

7/29/2020 12:55


Baghdad today - Baghdad

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Faisal Al-Issawi, confirmed today, Wednesday (July 29, 2020), that his committee will start preparing the draft of the general federal budget law for the country for the year 2021, indicating that the government has not sent a draft budget for 2020 until now.

Al-Issawi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "The Finance Committee and the House of Representatives committed themselves to passing the draft budget bill 2020 in the event it was sent by the government at the date decided by the House of Representatives on June 30," explaining that "the government has not sent the project yet, And time does not help us now to discuss and pass this year's budget. "

He added, "The Parliamentary Finance Committee will start preparing a draft of the country's general federal budget bill for the year 2021," stressing that "not passing a budget in any year confuses the work of ministries and state institutions."

The delay in approving the budget for the current year has caused many financial and economic problems, especially with the country's economic and health conditions caused by the Corona virus pandemic.

The Iraqi Ministry of Trade had revealed, on Friday (July 17, 2020), that the ration card items that were to be distributed to citizens were affected.

The official agency quoted the ministry as saying that "the ration card items were affected by the delay in approving the general budget for 2020."

She added, "The money disbursement mechanism does not allow the ministry to fulfill its obligations related to contracting with national facilities," noting that "after the approval of the general budget, the ministry aspires to start contracts with national facilities."