Deputy: America is the only party obstructing the Iraq-China agreement

7/30/2020 12:42


The deputy of the Al-Fatah coalition, Fadel Jaber, accused the United States of Thursday of obstructing the implementation of the Iraqi-Chinese, as part of its cold war with China, stressing that the Americans are the only party that stands in front of obstructing the implementation of the agreementthrough its political arms in Iraq.
Jaber said, “The Americans, from the first moment of the Abdul Mahdi’s government signing the agreement with China, provoked their anger and considered it an advanced step to expel it from the region, and by that it launched a major media campaign through its political tools and its temptation to abort that agreement.”
He added that "the United States of America is the only party that is still working to abort the agreement because it is part of its cold war with China."
Jaber pointed out that "Al-Kazemi’s government, if it wants to prove the validity of what it claims to work with the various international axes for the sake of Iraq’s interest, must not submit to the American will and immediately proceed to work with the justified agreement with China as it is an important part of developing the Iraqi economy in all fields.”