KDP: The three presidencies should take into consideration the directions of Sistani regarding the elections

9/13/2020 14:25


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Kurdistan Democratic Party affirmed, on Sunday, that the three presidencies should take into consideration the directions of Mr. Sistani regarding the elections.
"There were several important points that Mr. Sistani emphasized in his statement after his meeting with Plashart, including the elections, preserving security and opening corruption files," the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mohsen al-Saadoun, said in an interview.

He added, "Mr. Al-Sistani knows very well that the next stage must be exceptionally different from the previous stages in Iraq, and now it requires that these elections be fair and fair and that everyone can participate in them freely and under international supervision."

He added, "The political forces must take into account the words of Mr. Sistani, and the three presidencies must take into account what Mr. Sistani indicated regarding the elections."

The supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Imam Sayed Ali al-Sistani, stressed during his meeting with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennes Blashart, in his office today, Sunday in Najaf, that "the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place next year are of great importance, and they must be provided." It has the necessary conditions that give its results a high degree of credibility, so that citizens are encouraged to participate in them widely. "

The Supreme Authority added, "The elections must be conducted in accordance with a fair and equitable law, far from the private interests of some political blocs and parties. It is also imperative that integrity and transparency be taken into account in the various stages of their conduct, and supervision and control over them in a serious manner in coordination with the relevant department in the United Nations mission. United ".

He stressed that "early elections are the correct peaceful path out of the current impasse that the country is suffering from as a result of the accumulation of its political, economic, security, health, service and other crises," warning that "further delays in holding or holding the elections without providing the necessary conditions for their success so that their results are not Convincing most of the citizens, it will deepen the country's problems and lead - God forbid - to a situation that threatens its unity and the future of its people, and all concerned parties who hold power at the present time will regret it. "