In a first precedent, Iraq is preparing to export dates and barley

9/13/2020 16:41


In a precedent that is the first of its kind and has not happened in decades, Iraq is preparing to export the 700,000 tons of barley crop, surplus to the local market's need, through public bidding for exporters, while the wheat crop has achieved abundant production in terms of self-sufficiency.
The Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Karim, according to the official newspaper, revealed "the mechanisms and details of barley export that Iraqi exporters will" exclusively "after fulfilling the conditions. The public auction of the quantity of barley will be announced according to the directives of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of exporting to all countries.
And that "the bidding will start next week at the ministry’s headquarters for each quantity of 50 thousand tons," as for the countries that applied to Iraq to import barley, they are: Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The ministry’s warehouses and silos also received the entire quantity of the wheat crop estimated at more than five million tons, which is a strategic storage for food security for Iraq after achieving self-sufficiency, as the Ministry of Trade grinds it and distributes it within the ration card after Iraq two years ago imported more than three from abroad. Millions of tons of wheat annually