Parliamentary Finance: Hosting Alawi focused on three files

9/13/2020 13:58


Baghdad - Where News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee set, on Sunday, the date for submitting the reform paper by the Finance Ministry to Parliament for discussion, while it indicated that hosting Allawi focused on three files.
The committee's rapporteur, Representative Ahmad Al-Saffar, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Parliamentary Finance Committee held a meeting with the Minister of Finance, the Undersecretary of the Ministry, the General Directors of Tax and Customs, the Rasheed and Rafidian Bankers, to discuss the economic crisis, the draft budget law, and the economic reform paper."
Al-Saffar added, "The Minister of Finance promised to submit a draft of the reform paper at the end of this month, provided that the full paper be submitted in the middle of next month," noting that "the paper is still undergoing some changes."
He pointed out, "The Parliamentary Finance Committee is awaiting the sending of the budget bill for the year 2020, since the project is still in the Council of Ministers," indicating that "the budget will include borrowing and a mechanism for facing the economic conditions and conditions for the next three months."