A fistfight and an exchange of insults .. The reason for the disagreement between Allawi and Jabouri was revealed

9/13/2020 9:32


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Informed sources revealed, on Sunday, the reason for the disagreement between the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, and the head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, during the past few days, while indicating a fistfight between the two parties.
The Independent Arabia newspaper quoted a member of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, as saying, "The differences go back to the period of Adel Abdul Mahdi's rule, as the 2019 budget was prepared within the previous mechanisms in that it was a budget of items, while the ministerial curriculum stipulated that the budget of economic programs and performance." , Indicating that "the draft budget sent to the Council of Ministers is an amended version of the 2020 budget of Abdul Mahdi's government, which was not approved. This is the main reason for the disagreement."
Rasheed revealed a question he addressed to the Minister of Finance, the content of which is that "the budget includes a violation of the Financial Management Law, whereby the accumulated deficit in the budget is not more than three percent of the gross domestic product. While it is 10 times more than that." The minister replied that “the deficit is outside the control of the government.”
He adds, “The other dispute concerns the borrowing law and the committee’s requirements for the government to prepare a financial reform paper within 60 days of the law’s passage, but it did not do so.” He
points out that “the committee sent an oral question to the minister. To explain the reasons for not sending reforms, the minister replied and convinced us of his justifications, "adding," The Minister of Finance promised to present the reform paper within a few weeks, and we are waiting for the government to fulfill those pledges. "
Rasheed attributed the reason for the government to send a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year to its" need to borrow more. " From $ 20 billion. ”
Regarding the impact of the central’s reserves due to continuous borrowing as a result of the financial crisis, Rashid points out that“ the internal loan amounted to 15 trillion dinars (12.5 billion dollars), all of the central’s reserves, in addition to the need for another 15 trillion dinars at least. " .
Although From the Finance Committee's justification for its disagreements with the ministry as a result of not fulfilling previous pledges related to submitting an economic reform paper and bypassing the Financial Management Law, informed sources attribute the reasons for the disagreement to “appointing a number of special ranks in the ministry outside the will of the Parliamentary Committee,” and press reports indicated To the occurrence of an altercation and an exchange of insults between the Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri, which reached the point of "fistfight" due to the differences between the two parties over the management of the financial file.