Minister of the Kurdistan government: The central government will be responsible for the people of Sinjar

10/15/2020 16:03


The Minister of Component Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Aiden Maarouf, confirmed, Thursday, that the central government will be responsible for the people of Sinjar district, according to the recent agreement.
Maarouf said, "Most of the people of the region were forced to flee to neighboring governorates, to escape the injustice of the terrorist organization ISIS, in 2014."
He pointed out, "the importance of the agreement reached by the governments of Baghdad and Erbil recently regarding the Sinjar region," explaining that it "will contribute to improving relations between the two sides."
He pointed out, "The central government will, according to the agreement, be responsible for the people of the region, including Yezidis, Turkmen, Christians, and the rest of the other components."
He stated, "Sinjar is currently being run by illegal groups, and this matter is rejected by the Yazidis," noting that "after the return to normal conditions in the region, more than 100 thousand Yazidis will return to their homes."
The minister emphasized that "the agreement will contribute to the development of the region after the destruction of many of its buildings due to the clashes that it witnessed in recent years," stressing "the need to form a joint committee from the people of the region to manage its affairs, and the withdrawal of illegal groups from it."
He pointed out, "Turkmen are an essential component of Iraqi society, as they constitute, according to the constitution, the third element in the country, and the second in the northern region of Iraq."