Tomorrow, Iraq will have a communication and internet service that includes millions

10/16/2020 15:20


Baghdad: Where's News} Today, Friday, the Ministry of Communications announced the date of the launch of the first phase of the home optical phone.

A statement by the ministry stated that, "through the General Company for Communications and Informatics, one of the Ministry of Communications companies, the implementation and operation of the optical fiber network for homes (FTTH) project early next week as a first stage with millions of subscribers distributed over sixteen regions representing the governorates of Iraq except for the Kurdistan region," indicating that "the capital Baghdad will be divided into two districts, Karkh and Rusafa. "

He explained, "These lines will provide high-speed Internet services, as well as landline voice service, modern applications, encrypted TV channels and sports channels, and it will be at competitive prices acceptable to the citizen."

The Ministry of Communications pointed out that "it is hoped that the project will be completed within one year {for the first stage} and will be announced in Arab and foreign newspapers, consulates and commercial attachés affiliated to the embassies of Iraq."