Kurdish leader: complete paralysis in the Kurdistan market as a result of the high dollar

12/17/2020 18:30


Where ] The leader of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Soran Omar, described Thursday the economic conditions in the Kurdistan region as catastrophic and that the people will stage a massive revolution.
Omar said, "The Kurdish people will not wait for the procrastinationand the continuation of corruption by the parties of the authority while they are starving."

He added that "the high price of the dollar has cast a shadow over the complete paralysis of the market movement, which is mainly suffering from poor, as a result of the regional government not paying employees' salaries."

He pointed out that "the parties of the authority continue to procrastinate and not agree with Baghdad, and not find quick solutions means that a popular revolution will eat green and everything, because the citizen cannot bear more than he can bear."

The Sulaymaniyah governorate witnessed widespread demonstrations for more than a week, during which dozens of martyrs and wounded were killed, as a result of the collision with the protection of the party headquarters.