U.S. Secretary of Defense asked the Saudi king forgive the debt of state on Iraq and open a dialogue with the new government complex
March 12, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

12/03/2010 Friday

The U.S. administration expressed satisfaction with the course of the legislative elections held in Iraq, «it is held in a peaceful environment to a large extent, and turnout was high and probably higher than expected».

This assessment was made by Robert Gates, defense secretary, who was in the area during the elections, and received a detailed report by the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Ray Odierno, who asserted that the security situation in Iraq «see a positive change is unusual, is improving in depth».

Was accompanied by a reporter «Qabas» Gates in Washington during all the leg of his tour from Amman to Kabul and Kandahar and the end of Riyadh.

The situation in Iraq and developments in one of the main items of the talks between U.S. Secretary of Defense and Saudi King Abdullah, who met at his ranch in Janadriyah, when Gates spoke with reporters accompanying him said he expected the formation of the new Iraqi government «complex», but he «and we hope will not take a long time ».

When the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques discussed and the minister discussed the situation in Iraq, after the parliamentary elections, Gates said he felt with the Iraqis form a new government, it «provides an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to negotiate with Iraq».

He informed the U.S. official «Qabas» that the Saudis «, like others waiting for the clarity over the political landscape in Iraq before taking any political steps, such as opening embassy in Baghdad».

U.S. officials say that Saudi Arabia «can in this context to relieve Iraq of some of the old loans, and promote trade, and the exchange of official visits, and engage in complex dialogue».

In this context, he noted that Saudi Arabia can do what I did with Iraq with Syria to the dialogue with a view to removing it from Iran