IHEC: Extra ballot cards will be destroyed soon
March 14, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Sunday, March 14th 2010

Sulaimaniyah, Mar. 14 - The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq (IHEC) announced Sunday that the additional empty ballot destroyed soon without leaving any risks of being reused in favor of a specific list.

“The additional empty ballot will not change the results and we will destroy them” Sardar Abdul Karim of the IHEC said.

Abdul Karim said they had taken into consideration the number of the additional cards in addition to making sure that the cards will not be used by any employee of the commission to add more votes to a party.

Earlier, the Iraqi websites announced that 26,000,000 ballot cards had been printed for 19,000,000 eligible voters, but only 12,000,000 cast their ballots and the IHEC is trying to dispose of them safely.