Political First: European Commission Today Announced the Results of Screening 60 Percent of the Ballot Papers in All Provinces
March 14, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Stressed that the ratification of the final results could take weeks

BAGHDAD – morning

UNHCR said the Independent Electoral it will make public on Monday on the results of screening 60 percent of the ballot papers for all the provinces, denying a pause in the National Computer Center in Baghdad.

UNHCR spokesman Qassim Aboudi, said at a press conference yesterday: that «the number of complaints received by the Office of the red complaint was 243 suffrage, while the total number in the elections abroad 74 complain red».

He said the counting and sorting centers abroad has concluded its work and send the results to the National Office after the adoption of the valid votes, the votes refined and those that were based on forged documents to be incorporated within the mechanism, adding that the elections received international attention has been given by any election in the world, involving a large number of international observers and European teams, in addition to Arab League, which fielded 68 observers. Aboudi stressed that the Commission will not hesitate to take any firm action if it is proved that there is a fraud in one of the centers or polling stations. and on the absence of some names in the register of voters, said Aboudi, the problem is not in the record, but in the database at the Ministry of Commerce distributed regionally, because it requires a citizen and update its data, but will be deprived of the elections because of lack of knowledge of the correct station, calling at the same time and advertising media for accuracy in the transfer of results preliminary election. He bonded to the Electoral Commission have not been closed so far no polling station because of all the complaints that reached the red to them, are still taught by a statutory body within the Commission to take appropriate action.

In the meantime, an official Libyan activities in the Electoral Commission for elections, said more than 50 percent of the vote counting result of parliamentary elections ended yesterday. “Abdel Rahman Khalifa said in a press statement: The« more than 50 percent of the vote counting had been completed, and that process is ongoing, as the 1200 employees working at the Center for data entry according to three meals a Time », likely to announce that the Office« the final results before the end of this month ». Khalifa noted that« the current elections, including the voting public, private and displaced a vote and voters who have changed their home areas, All of this requires effort and needs to double the time », ruling out at the same time that the« affect the results in a delay of fraud or a change in the results ». in turn, said Faraj Haidari, the head of the Independent Commission for the elections that the coming days will witness the announcement of preliminary results of the elections took place in the seventh of March current, denied that the Commission had hit Calculators any interruption in their work.

Haidari said in a press statement: that «the Electoral Commission for elections does not have any defect in Hacbadtha», indicating that «the first day of counting and sorting very large data introduced by the 1200 employees what caused the interruption of the receiver a bit and start working after a few stops ».

He added that «the huge volume of work and a 6200 candidate and weaknesses in the provinces and overseas voting and the voting sector requires careful scrutiny and in the Declaration of the proportion of results», adding that «the Commission announced every day on the ratio that is reached in each of the counting process and screening so as not to interpret the talk to the UNHCR, but some are not convinced the work of the Commission ». Acharalehidri and that« the Commission will distribute forms for observers and journalists, political entities that have proved by figures obtained by the entity in the polling stations to enter the same numbers in computers UNHCR to show the results », wondering are there in the world like transparency in the process of its Office of the results ». and on the elections abroad, UNHCR announced that the results of the counting of votes for elections abroad has started to arrive to schedule. The Commission said that:« After the completion of the counting process in 16 countries began adding results up safe for inputting data in Baghdad, and was the first of these countries Australia and the Netherlands, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. The process of counting of votes took place after the process of making sure that the voices are only eligible to be counted ». middle of this picture, confirmed the election commission said final results will be presented to the Federal Supreme Court after the codification of all the votes and decide complaints for approval. Manglth said according to the agency Nina news: he «is expected to take a few weeks authentication».