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Thread: removal of 3- 0's not true

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    removal of 3- 0's not true

    ~Deputy central bank governor denies lifting of the zeroes of the Iraqi currency

    واع/مكتب كربلاء/ت.أ Conscious / Office of Karbala / T.. A

    13/3/2010 7:46pm

    Denied, deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq Ahmed Bureihi a formal decision about deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency has also picked up some of the media.

    The Bureihi a seminar held by the University of Karbala today and was attended by correspondent (News Agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that ...

    ~"the CBI has so far not issued any formal decision to delete the three zeroes of the Iraqi currency traded in the markets ...

    he did not start until the law to delete the zeros," adding that "the issuance of such a decision on how the political process and the country's administration راسة عمليات As well as the request to the operations of Contracts and contracting, which is still not completed its consequent processes of paying money to the companies that started its work since ...

    ~the contracts were signed according to some of them on the basis of the Iraqi currency, "adding that" what some media about the deletion of zeros untrue. "


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    Thanks for the post.

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