This is a courtesy warning to be aware of in case it goes beyond Franks site, so far we have not been solicited on this site, but please beware of these types of scams.

Sincerely, dbcooper

If you have received an email or private message from "KTFM Dinar Intel", please note that KTFM IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ORGANIZATION. If you want to buy gold through this organization, please do your due diligence. Again, this organization is NOT affiliated our site

If you are approached by anyone asking you for any of the following:

For money

Presenting investment opportunities, for example "Subject: IQD Fund exemplification at up to 25% interest! "

Buying or selling dinars

Exchanging your dinar for you

Other solicitation for money or business

Paying them to be part of their group

Financial, tax, or investment experts advice

Any other offer of any kind that is not presented by the Board of Directors specifically.

Please use your discretion in doing so. We, KTFM, have not endorsed any group for the above advise but would suggest that if someone contacts you about such aforementioned issues, that you forward the information to Admin via pm or email.

If in the future, we endorse any company or entity, you will to notified directly.

As a member, please do not post your personal information on the forum for others to see or give out your information to people you don't know.

Remember that KTFM is here to help protect our members. If you receive any emails or PM's from other forum members claiming to be associated with KTFM, please come to one of our Admins before proceeding.

Also, KTFM is not responsible in any way shape or form if you get involved with any person or organization that was not endorsed specifically by the Board of Directors of KTFM. We are not responsible for any negative outcome because of your personal decision to get involved with people or organizations that you have gotten a PM or email from that we, the KTFM Board, did not approve.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Keep The Faith Missions Board of Directors