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Thread: Khalifa Jaber: Adoption of the Law of Oil and Gas and Oil

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    Cool Khalifa Jaber: Adoption of the Law of Oil and Gas and Oil

    Khalifa Jaber: Adoption of the Law of Oil and Gas and Oil Legislation Package of Laws of the PRIORITIES of the Next Parliament

    2010-03-15 10:32:42

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .., MP Jaber Khalifa Jaber that the priorities of the next parliament's ratification of the oil and gas and oil law legislation package, which contained four. . , Describing the failure of the current parliament interested unfortunate and caused economic losses

    Jaber said, told the independent press (Iba) that an agreement between central government and Kurdistan Regional Government to act freely to the mineral wealth in the event of a failure to approve oil and gas law after May 2007 was the cause of Parliament forced to migrate to the law, and this led to chaos in the conclusion of contracts.

    He added that the laws relating to oil as a oil and gas law and the draft national oil company formation and distribution of financial resources and restructuring the Oil Ministry to develop a mechanism for fair distribution of financial resources between the regions and governorates. . Indicating that the state can not act in accordance with the framework surface with important economic laws.

    He expressed his regret Jaber authentication of the House of Representatives economic laws are less than expected and is on the agenda during the past years.

    /20/ It should be noted that the Iraqi government announced the first draft of the law in February of 2007, but he has not been approved yet. (End) / 20

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    Thanks for the post.

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