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Thread: The first of March, the date of cashing retired workers

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    The first of March, the date of cashing retired workers

    Finance: the first of March, the date of cashing retired workers
    This is does not make sense at the current exchange rate. Lets be careful with this, as it could be wrong, but also could be a sign of the pending rv. From Iraq Gov site.



    Calling the Department of pension and social security of workers, one of the formations of the national pension of the Ministry of Finance, cashing retired workers in the first of March.

    An official source in the Chamber of the Press Department at the National Center for Information will be cashing retired workers for the months of January and February through the post offices and in accordance with the new rates set by the Council of Ministers.

    The source explained that the specific amounts for those who have service up to (30) years and above will be (200) thousand dinars, and owners of service without the (30) years will be (170) thousand dinars, adding that the family of deceased pensioner, which has more than three eligible to be spent (150) thousand dinars. The source added that the family of the deceased, consisting of retired beneficiaries would pay them (140) thousand dinars, consisting of one receivable receive (130) thousand dinars.

    The source urged all retirees covered by those provisions for a review of post offices for the purpose of receiving their allocations, Mstsahpin with ID card and identity scheme. ... 2F21_6.htm

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    Re: The first of March, the date of cashing retired workers

    Great post, Thanks

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