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Thread: Just a little help for new members and guests!

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    Cool Just a little help for new members and guests!

    The following are some basic instructions for optimum PC performance and navigation of our website.

    Browser maintenance and settings:

    If you are using Internet Explorer, You can manually delete temporary internet files and cookies to speed up your PC and solve many log in and chat room access problems.
    On your tool bar (top left) click "Tools", from the drop down click "Internet Options". A small window opens up, about in the middle there is a button that says "delete...", click
    on that, another window opens on top, you will see a list of choices with small boxes in front of them, make sure there is a check mark in.."Temporary Internet files" and "Cookies". The other boxes should not be checked unless you want to delete those items listed too. Click the "delete" button and wait for the deleting window to close. Click "OK" on both windows and you are done!

    If you are using Firefox, On your tool bar (top left) click "Tools", from the drop down click
    "Options". A small window opens up, at the top there are several tabs, click on the "Privacy" tab, it will show a list of options with little boxes in front of them, look at the option "Clear history when Firefox closes", make sure the box has a check mark in it, then click the "settings..." button to the right of that option. A little window opens up on top, there are more options listed there with little boxes in front of each one, the only two that need to have a check mark in them are "Cookies" and "Cache". I do not recommend checking any others. Then click "OK", on both windows and you are done! If you set it as described, every time you close your browser it will automatically delete your Temp files and Cookies but nothing else.

    If you are using Google Chrome, On your tool bar (top right) click on the little "wrench" icon, from the drop down click "options", a small window opens, from the list of tabs on the top choose "Under the Hood", on the top right side click the button "Clear browsing data...". A small window opens on top, there are options listed with little boxes in front of each one, the only two that need to have a check mark in them are "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site data". Below is another option to choose a time frame for deletion, click the drop down and choose "Last hour", or other, then click "Clear browsing data". Then click "Close" on both windows and your done!

    * It is necessary to completely shut off your computer a few times per week in order to clear the RAM (Random Access Memory) otherwise your PC will become very slow and sometimes will not display the pages correctly.

    * If you are having problems accessing the chat room but can access the forum, update your Java to the latest version. Look for the Java icon listed in "Control Panel" double click it and choose "update".

    * The Java also retains a "cache" and temporary files, these need to be deleted periodically as well.
    Click "start", go into your control panel and double click on the Java icon, depending on what operating system you are using (XP,Windows 7, etc.) you can switch it to category view or expand categories to list all the icons.
    Click on the "general" tab at the top of the Java console window, at the bottom you see "Temporary Internet Files", Click on the "settings" button in that section, in the next window, click "delete files", another small window opens, make sure that both options shown have a check mark in front of them and then click "ok".
    After that little window goes away you are all done and you can close all the other windows!!

    Site Navigation:

    The most commonly accessed is your User Control Panel. One the very top of the forum page after you have logged in you will see "Settings", click on that and a menu will pop up on the left side, it displays a list of options. You can access your Inbox, Sent Items, check new and old messages, or choose Send New Message to send a private message to another member, just follow the instructions after clicking on the option you want.

    Below that are other usercp options. You can Edit several options listed under "My Settings", just choose what you want to edit from the list and follow the instructions that follow. You can Edit your Profile, Profile Picture and Avatar from this section.

    Under the "My Account" section you can change your email or password if you so desire.
    The General Settings customizes your usercp settings in many ways.

    I hope this helps everyone a little bit for those that are new to our site. If you have any other questions please reply and I will try to help you.

    Sincerely, dbcooper
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