Obama appeals to House Democrats to pass sweeping health reforms

Politics 3/21/2010 12:02:00 AM

WASHINGTON, March 20 (KUNA) -- In a rare visit to Capitol Hill, US President Barack Obama on Saturday appealed to House Democrats as Congress prepares to vote on sweeping health care reform.
Obama, in remarks to House Democrats, said "we have been debating health care for decades. It has now been debated for a year. It is in your hands. It is time to pass health care reform for America, and I am confident that you are going to do it tomorrow." He noted that it would give small businesses tax credits to help provide insurance to employees, that parents whose children have pre-existing medical conditions would be able to get coverage, that insurance companies would be barred from revoking policies through "recissions" even though premiums have been paid.
House lawmakers are expected to vote Sunday on the controversial health reform bill.
Of the Republican opposition to the bill, he continued, "maybe they know that this year for the first time, young people will be able to stay on their parents health insurance until they are 26 years old, and they are thinking that that just might be popular all across the country." He added, "this is a middle-of-the-road bill that is designed to help the American people in an area of their lives where they urgently need help." (end) hy.bs KUNA 210002 Mar 10NNNN