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  1. Wocu is a standardized, apolitical, real time derivative currency quotation based on
  2. U.S. to Sell F-15 Fighter Jets to Saudis
  3. China Currency Revaluation: More Than Just the Yuan at Stake
  4. Three Devastating Tax Waves Will Destroy Many
  5. A Good Explanation of What the Basil III Accord Really Means
  6. Markets Welcome New Global Rules
  7. US pushing China to improve value of currency
  8. Asia's next economic tiger? Hint: it's not India or China.
  9. Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill
  10. The yuan goes global
  11. House bill backs Obama's play on China's currency
  12. Ahmadinejad: 'Demise' of Capitalism Has Arrived
  13. Feds Want Data on All Foreign Cash Transfers
  14. Call for new  global currencies deal
  15. Japan drops interest rates to zero
  16. Finance leaders fail to resolve currency dispute
  17. Economists: the inflation of Iraq may last for two decades !
  18. Japan Plots Next Yen Intervention
  19. Is Asia’s Up-and-Coming Market Vietnam
  20. 420 banks demand 1-world currency
  21. Obama tested on US-China ties with currency report
  22. Yuan Closes at Record High!
  23. G2 Weighs on Dollar. US Manipulating Currency?
  24. THE ROVING EYE And the winner is Muqtada (Editoral Posted by Dragon at another site)
  25. Will Federal Reserve Cause Civil War? (from another site, good article)
  26. G20 finance chiefs face tough task on currencies
  27. New York Times: As Dollar’s Value Falls, Currency Conflicts Rise
  28. Pentagon says it hosted radical cleric after 9/11! Holy Cow!
  29. G20 inks pact to avert trade war
  30. China to America: No Rare-Earth for You!!
  31. Currency Wars Devalue All Currency Except Gold (Blog Opinion)
  32. Bush Admin Pushed for Iraq War to the Point of Insubordination
  33. Bruederle Urges Revaluation of Developing Nations’ Currencies
  34. For my American Friends!
  35. Fed looks set for new round of monetary easing
  36. The Coalition is determined to form a government even if it insisted the Iraqi provin
  37. Civic Minded Plutocrats
  38. Fed Gears Up for Stimulus
  39. How far would dong value fall?
  40. Fed monetary easing likely to weaken dollar
  41. Emerging market policymakers vow to combat Fed's QE2
  42. India Can Give the U.S. a Big Export Boost
  43. Obama heads to Asia after rebuke by voters
  44. China gets major stake in IMF vote
  45. Vietnam central bank issues seven measures to stabilise monetary market and macro-eco
  46. China moves to no.3 on IMF governing board
  47. Nelson Mandela condemned "small man" George W Bush over Iraq
  48. Cutting Through the Noise
  49. North Korea Artillery Attack on Southern Island -Red Alert
  50. A double life for a client in the CIA inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards
  51. WikiLeaks Disclosure Highlights Problems of Sharing Secret Information Within US Gove
  52. The New American Oligarchy: Creating a Country of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the
  53. Lost in Iraq
  54. House OKs extension of tax cuts for some Americans
  55. UPDATE 1-W.House aide sees tax deal succeeding in Congress
  56. MasterCard's Website Besieged After Network Cuts Off WikiLeaks
  57. December 10-11 High Lebel conference Paris, Topic- Reform of Monetary System
  58. US House passes $725bn defense bill
  59. Changes in temporary fdic insurance
  60. Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Obama Just Release the Birth Certificate?
  61. Gold and Silver at fresh peaks
  62. Conscious / euro falling to its lowest level in about 4 months because of fears of de
  63. Visit of China''s Pres. to Washington comes at important transition of world economy
  64. US may meddle in Iraq/Kuwait sanction discussion to maintain restrictions
  65. Operational Rates of Exchange
  66. U.S., Japan warned by IMF, rating agencies on debt
  67. Ask Baghdad Bureau: Reader Q. and A.
  68. United states debt
  69. middle east and obama
  70. Egyptian official: Mubarak will yield power to military
  71. US, Israel will soon exit Middle East: Ahmadinejad
  72. Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa -- country by country
  73. Critics Slam U.S. Government, Media for 'Weak' Response to Anti-Christian Attacks
  74. Al Jazeera Coverage Enrages Dictators, Wins Global Viewers
  75. Irs is not real
  76. Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth
  77. Britain releases UFO sighting files
  78. The Science Behind Glass-Steagall
  79. The Doom of Quadaffy-Duck
  80. The Collapse of the Old Oil Order
  81. White House considers tapping oil reserves
  82. Trade Expert: Dollar Devaluation Necessary
  83. Impending Doom For The 2011 Economy
  84. Tsunami warning issued in Hawaii
  85. UPDATE 2-Hawaii orders evacuations in Pacific tsunami threat
  86. US Treasury's Geithner: SDR Cannot Fill Dollar's 'Unique Role'
  87. Arab FMs hold emergency meeting on Libya Sat.
  88. As World Economy Slowly Rebounds, New International Development Architecture Needed
  89. Abdul-Mahdi calls for the government and parliament and the Islamic countries
  90. The President Without A Country by Pat Boone
  91. Libya sets ceasefire after U.N. vote
  92. The Law of Unintended Consequences: The Worst Mistake in Decades
  93. Yemeni President Nears Deal to Resign .
  94. Lets collapse globalization
  95. Tokyo Sees Its Lights Go Dim, And Lifestyles Change
  96. Banks, credit-card issuers warn of email breach
  97. Arms for Sale, Is Libya just arms dealing marketing?
  98. Senate Rejects House Budget Plan; Obama Calls for Deal
  99. Reid, Democrats Back Down on Tax Demands in Latest Plan
  100. IMF to U.S.: Raise the Debt Ceiling Quickly
  101. (Reuters) - The Senate on Monday took aim at one of China's core economic policies, v
  102. China warns of trade war if U.S. currency bill passes
  103. China: US currency bill would have repercussions
  104. (Reuters) - A sharp rise in China's yuan currency might cut the U.S. trade deficit by
  105. (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to help an economy
  106. Turkish Parliament Approves Air Strikes on Kurds
  107. Turkish Parliament approves military operations in N Iraq
  108. Colorado Pulls Plug on Dinar Promoter
  109. U.S. school to ban American Flag 'T' shirts during Cinco de Mayo
  110. South Carolina School takes flags on 9/11