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Pat H
07-02-2010, 04:38 PM
Ministry of P*****ng launched the national development plan for the coming years and focus on education, health and provision of water
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Launched and the Ministry of P*****ng and Development Cooperation, on Sunday, the national sustainable development plan for the years 2010 and 2014. An official source at the ministry statement singled out by the (morning): The launch event will be tomorrow at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad,
Patronage of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Minister of P*****ng and Development Cooperation Ali Ghalib Baban, will attend the academics and experts of the ministry and heads of executive departments, as well as local government leaders and officials of the civil society organizations and heads of political entities to announce five-year plan for the country. "This plan has been postponed for six months, after it was scheduled to launch early this year because of the observations and reservations of some provinces, noting that the past period witnessed the development of features and details of the Five Year Plan.
The source expressed hope that progress with the scheme boom in the economy and improve the quality of services provided to the citizen, who said: «The suffering has surged in recent years and reached a limit is not acceptable», pointing out that Iraqi citizens live by my pension is not acceptable and cities reeling from the impact of poor services. He source to the fact that some 2700 projects worth 186 billion dollars will be distributed over the next five years the life of the plan will be funded through the federal budget as well as through local and foreign investments in activities set by the plan, returned fire action plan of five-year development economic event the most prominent this year because it focused on building rights in education, health and secure clean water and sanitation to the largest possible proportion of the population as well as focus on the theme of the spatial dimension by reducing the differences between the provinces and the distribution of investments by the fair and equitable manner compatible with the need and the degree of deprivation in the previous decades.
The source revealed that the focus in the implementation of programs to be in the plan will be on oil and electricity sectors as a top priority, given that oil is funded by the foundation of GDP and the financing of the budgets of investment plans. He said strategizing investment in the five-year plan to be reviewed the details of tomorrow, including hundreds of important projects distributed among vital sectors of Iraq needs for reconstruction, stressing the importance of the way through which to deal in the development of a clear vision and easy to understand by all the underlying methodology of the new strategy in line with actual needs of the development of various dimensions and aspects during the years of the next plan and benefit from past experiences in this aspect.

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