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  1. Hamid al-Bayati: Iraq to pay 27 billion and 25 billion will
  2. IMF ‘On-Market’ Gold Sales Move Ahead
  3. IMF Stand by Arrangement Meeting – 10/24/10
  4. New UN project to spur growth in Iraq?s private sector
  5. Iraq & IMF
  6. Iraqis’ Determination to Resist Return to Perils of Past
  7. Iraq Begins Participation in the IMF’s GDDS
  8. U.S. Seeks to Spur Iraq’s Economy by Ending UN Trade Sanctio
  9. U.S. Seeks to Spur Iraq’s Economy by Ending UN Trade Sanctio
  10. Statement to the press by Mr. Gerard Rue 2/16/2010
  11. Biden, UN official discuss preparations for March 7 2/23
  12. IMF to provide 3.6-billion-dollar loan to Iraq
  13. IMF Press Release No. 10/60
  14. Link to new IMDF loan docs
  15. Iraq gets its largest loan to date from IMF
  16. UN.ORG: Latest Media Alert (Situation Concerning Iraq)
  17. IMF link to Sdr,s per currency Units
  18. UN: Sanctions Still In Effect (CH7 not lifted today)
  19. Iraq sees Kuwait ‘package deal’ after poll from2/17
  20. UNSC to lift scientific curbs on Iraq on compliance with IAE
  21. IMF wants bigger global economy role
  22. UN Security Council Ready To Lift Saddam-Era Sanctions
  23. IMF Report 2-26-10
  24. Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency
  25. Iraq makes headway in ending U.N. sanctions February 27
  26. Iraqi List: the fight against corruption more effective than
  27. IMF Executive Board Concludes 2009 Article IV Consultation w
  28. IMF: Favorable Medium-Term Outlook For Iraqi Economy
  29. IMF: Iraq economy achieves substantial progress
  30. IMF rules in favor of Iraq
  31. IMF Program Note - Iraq
  32. IMF Anouncement Release 3/4
  33. IMF: Inflation – Changing Dynamics
  34. GCC urges UN, Iraq to double efforts to determine fate of Kuwaiti missings
  35. Iraq completes three economic reform programs supported by IMF 3/10/2010
  36. Iraq completes three economic reform programs supported by IMF
  37. IMF >>>Iraqi Letter of Intent
  38. Complete analysis of " Three economic reform programs by local news agency"
  39. Iraq Completes 3 econ. reforms supported by IMF
  40. IMF Doc: Dinar to float on Forex
  41. IMF – Iraq to Improve Statistical Database
  42. Iraq Latest IMF Financial Arrangement
  43. IMF - Iraq to improve statistical database
  44. IMF Warns US And Other Developed Nations Of Unprecedented Austerity
  45. No LOP !!!!!
  46. UN supports Iraqi efforts to rehabilitate State-owned businesses
  47. International Monetary Fund sought to make Iraq in the ranks of capitalist countries
  48. Default Iraqi Finance: IMF sought to make Iraq in the ranks of capital 27/03/2010 12:
  49. Latest IMF report:
  50. Transferring Iraq to a Private-Sector State as IMF condition to grant it loans
  51. Security Council welcome the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq’s (IHEC)
  52. Iraq agrees to continue to pay 5 pct of oil proceeds in comp. fund
  53. Iraq agrees to continue to pay 5 pct of oil proceeds in comp. fund 4/2/10
  54. Ban Ki-moon calls for Iraq to pay reparations from oil revenues
  55. UN Schedule for April includes Breifiing & Consultations on Iraq (DFI/IAMB) on April
  56. Security Council Updated on Action Plan, Timeline for Transition
  57. Article XIV and Article VIII
  58. UN meeting 4/6/2010
  59. First report of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 3 of resolution 1905
  60. Iraq to Take Control of Oil Revenue by End of 2010,UN Says April 06, 2010, 3:03 PM ED
  61. April 6th, 2010 UN Security Council Meeting
  62. Security Council Extends Until 31 December 2010 Arrangements for Depositing
  63. Security Council Updated on Action Plan.. April 6 2010
  64. IQD historical exchange rates
  65. Iraq's Obligations to the IMF
  66. Iraq's Obligations to the IMF
  67. IRAQ: LETTER OF INTENT Feb 8, 2010
  68. SDR and How Value is Determined
  69. Link to IMF site Todat 6:25
  70. Repost of Past Iraq Currency Values in April
  71. UN – Iraq Dates Scheduled
  72. IMF: Iraq economic outlook remains positive
  73. No exchange rate debate in IMF meeting
  74. un supervise kurd's mtg
  75. IMF urges GCC to keep fiscal stimulus steps
  76. IMFC Meeting 04/24/2010
  77. United Nations Compensation Discusses Various Issues Related to Tomorrow Between Iraq
  78. Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,
  79. After the IMF Bails out Europe, the U.S. May Have to Bail Out the IMF
  80. The United Nations Mission in Iraq / UNAMI /, that the United Nations and Iraqi ....
  81. UN Post
  82. United Nations Treasury United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange
  83. UN, Iraq launch five-year plan
  84. Agreement is a continuation of the cooperation between Iraq and the UN
  85. "the equation" --- imf data mapper --- great tool!!!!!
  86. Iraqi government welcomes Framework Agreement with UN
  87. Might have something here -- imf timeline for gov. Banks and major capitol increases
  88. "The Equation" -- DFI Audit Year End 2009 -- Report to IAMB April 28th --- Many ?????
  89. UN Chief: Iraq ahead of critical months
  90. Latest results from UN on Iraq elections
  91. IMF DATA -- 2007 -- 2010 Central Bank Balance Sheets --
  92. Committee to Protect Iraqi funds looking for contracts submitted by the UN
  93. United nations development assistance framework for iraq 2011-2014
  94. Imf timeline of actions -- complete vs pending
  95. Triggers for world bank development plan
  97. Reference and Support Material for Development Plan (DPL)
  98. Brookings Institute Statistics -- 1 of 4
  99. Where Oh Where Can Our Little RV Be? Oh Crap! -- There You Are!!!
  100. IMF Says Current Fiscal Crisis No Threat To Euro Currency
  101. Feb. 2010 --- World Bank Operations in Iraq --
  102. Regional IMF Report: Growth Picks Up in Middle East, But Credit Still Sluggish
  103. Reuters Insider: Special Report: Between Iraq and a rich place -- 1 of 2
  104. Easy to use tools --- world bank visualizer and imf mapper
  105. UN Security Council call to speed up forming the next government ....
  106. United Nations: Security Council’s support we want to stay in Iraq after U.S. withdra
  107. Timelines and Task -- CBI and IMF -- The Plan is Rolling Out!
  108. Ministry of Finance and IMF -- Task and Timelines --- Keep Rolling Along!!!!
  109. UN Security Council urges Iraq to quickly form new government - 4 June 2010
  110. The advisory board would discuss with the internationalist future plans and programs
  111. Very Interesting! -- IMF Debt Sustainability Study --- Before and After RV
  112. Finance Ministry receives $440 m from IMF
  113. This is Outstanding Logic From Unknown Economist -- TY Tenmillion found it!!
  114. The New UN Sanctions Resolution Against Iran
  115. UN call on Iraq and Kuwait to resolve outstanding issues
  116. Ex-UN arms inspector to face Iraq war inquiry
  117. UN sanctions on Iran to limit interventions in Iraq’s affairs - analysts
  118. UN meeting at 3:00
  119. Press Release - UNSC 6/15/10
  120. UN: Iraq needs a lot to do with the development of human rights and sovereignity...
  121. Iraq and UN Security Council Meeting – June 15th 2010
  122. Status report -- un and world bank -- iraq banking reform
  123. Mahmoud Othman: the United Nations proposals for the formation of the seriousness of
  124. UN refugee chief calls for non-sectarian Iraq government
  125. Iraqi government to continue dealing with the IMF
  126. United Nations stresses the importance of forming a government in Iraq in 30 days
  127. Iraq enters into a third agreement with the IMF for the years 2010/2011
  128. Al-Dabbagh: the role of the United Nations in Iraq is limited to providing assistance
  129. Security council report june 2010
  130. Dabbagh: UN role in Iraq for assistance
  131. Take a Deep Breath -- RELAX --- This Delay was Accounted for in The Plan!!!
  132. What is Scheduled for June 30th -- IMF Plans for Iraq's Banks
  133. July 2, 2010 high-level policy dialogue
  134. UN ready to give consultation if asked
  135. Ministry of P*****ng launched the national development plan for the coming years and
  136. Regional Comparison and Iraq ---- Version 2-00
  137. Projected Payment Schedule to the IMF
  138. Ban Ki-moon recommends to keep the Development Fund for Iraq, the U.S. central bank
  139. Iraqi Finance receives 400 million dollars of U.S. Treasury
  140. Unsc iraq july forecast 7-12-10
  141. UN Security Council will hold a special meeting Monday to discuss the issue of the De
  142. Press Release No. 10/288
  143. Crucial Elements of New Export-Revenue Mechanism for Iraq Still Lacking,
  144. Asia must brace for surge of capital, IMF chief warns
  145. IMF urges financial overhaul in Middle East and Central Asia
  146. IMF Working Papers
  147. The UN has set a meeting in order to discuss the new government formation in Iraq
  148. Unsc 9978 july 10, 2010
  149. UN meeting will not focus on Iraq’s political crisis
  150. UN panel pays out $650 million in reparations for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait
  151. August 4th, UNSC meeting will tell whether Iraq qualified to emerge from Chapter VII
  152. August 2010- iraq un security council report ...
  153. UNSC will make no strong resolution about Iraq – Othman
  154. UN Security Council meeting held Wednesday on the assessment of the situation in Iraq
  155. August 2010 Security Council Report
  156. UN some info on meeting
  157. resolutions include lines of warning to the Iraqi politicians
  158. The Security Council Discusses the Situation in Iraq Today Wednesday 4/8/2010
  159. UN Security Council session on Iraq, will discuss the extent of Iraq's compliance wit
  160. Ahead of a meeting of the United Nations Security Council expresses its regret at the
  161. UN meting Aug 4 2010 recorded
  162. UN officials urge Iraqi leaders to step up efforts to form new government
  163. UN Security Council Press Release 8-4-10
  164. UNSC urges Iraqis to resolve divisions
  165. Violence in Iraq shadows U.S. plans to withdraw combat troops
  166. Iraq demands him out of the UN Security Council Chapter VII penalty
  167. UN calls on Iraq to take steps to end sanctions
  168. UN Security Council to extend for another year the mandate of the UN mission to provi
  169. Al-Azzawi : UN Security Council tries to solve the crisis, Iraqi government
  170. Small: Iraq is forced to deal with the recommendations of UN Security Council
  171. Report Acknowledges Need to Work Better Towards Achieving Development in Iraq
  172. Iraq Checks Iran Banks Seeking License
  173. Iraq with the United Nations sign a development program is the first of its kind
  174. UN calls on Iraq to take steps to end sanctions
  175. Security council extends mandate of united nations mission in iraq
  176. UNAMI Eight Millennium Development Goals
  177. AP IMPACT: US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq
  178. UN to consider lifting Iraq sanctions
  179. Message on the occasion of the international day of democracy
  180. * IMF warns of global recovery risk
  181. Talabani, to New York to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the UN
  182. Conscious / meeting at the United Nations to provide assistance to Pakistan
  183. UN General Assembly memorandum
  184. Talabani participates in the meetings of the General Assembly
  185. Zebari Speech to UN General Assembly SEPTEMBER 22, 2010
  186. End to currency dispute eludes finance ministers
  187. Treasury Secretary importance of supporting the Iraqi private sector banks
  188. INA / Minister of Finance in Washington looking to restructure state banks and upgrad
  189. UN envoy in Iraq escapes bombing unharmed
  190. UN calls for masses to sit at one table without conditions
  191. An IED targets UN convoy; Melkert escapes without injury, five members of SWAT injure
  192. UNESCO) plans to launch a project to develop curricula in Iraq
  193. New IMF Document! Read it For Yourself and Make Your Own Opinion!
  194. IRAQ: LETTER OF INTENT Sept. 18, 2010
  195. IMF Executive Board Completes First Review under SBA with Iraq
  196. International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for oil production
  197. IMF: Conditions are Unfair to Iraq
  198. International community and Hariri allies condemn group's call for boycott of tribu
  199. United Nations: Iraq has taken significant steps to achieve national reconciliation,
  200. UN rep. meets with Kurdish delegation in Baghdad SaturdayUN
  201. IMF approves the reform proposed by the G20
  202. The United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange Nov 8, 2010
  203. IMF renews demand to end the Iraq debt
  204. Iraqi Finance Minister rules out privatization of government banks
  205. Iraq Disengagement of the International Monetary Fund
  206. Government adviser revealed a lack of conviction of the International Monetary Fund p
  207. A week of secrets and lies as Comical Leni played dumb to the nation
  208. IMF dissatisfied with Iraq’s monetary policy
  209. GOI Advisor: IMF requests Minister of Finance and CBI to change monetary policy
  210. UN optimistic about the future of Iraq because of the balance and a strong parliament
  211. U.S. drawdown in Iraq affecting UN ability to carry out operations - Ban
  212. UN Security Council to hold high-level meeting in Iraq
  213. U.S. Deputy Ambassador of Basra: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII - end of the year
  214. Ban worried by Iraqi security, politics
  215. NATO expresses its readiness to extend its mission in Iraq
  216. UN Meetings on the 15th and 17th of this month
  217. U.S. drawdown in Iraq affecting UN ability to carry out operations - Ban
  218. UN seeks to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  219. The Security Council regarding the vote on the resolutions on Iraq next week
  220. Iraq should ensure fair trials for detainees: U.N.
  221. United Nations to put an end to restrictions
  222. The relationship with United States out of Iraq from Chapter VII would be codified
  223. Conscious / UN Security Council looking three decisions on Iraq today
  224. United Nations to put an end to restrictions imposed on Iraq today
  225. Iraq made progress, seeks "rightful UN place": US UN Security Council set to lift Ira
  226. U.S. official confirms that an end to UN resolutions, Iraq reparations to Kuwait
  227. U.N. Lifts Nuclear Weapons Sanctions On Iraq
  228. Iraq will still need to comply with Kuwait-related resolutions despite lifting sancti
  229. Iraq: Security Council ends several war-related mandates in ‘milestone’ session, back
  230. President Receives Nujaifi the representative of Iraq to the United Nations
  231. IMF Determines New Currency Amounts for SDR Valuation Basket
  234. Ministry of Finance: 90% of private banks operating within the guidelines of cash
  235. Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq
  236. IMF Ups 2011 Global Outlook On Stronger Than Expected 2nd Half of 2010
  237. UN reparations panel for invasion of Kuwait pays out $680 million
  238. IMF Towards a More Stable Monetary System Feb 10,2011
  239. Faraj al-Haidari: The United Nations has threatened not to monitor any election in th
  240. IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn Calls for Strengthening the Internationa
  241. IMF calls for dollar alternative
  242. IMF head urges bigger global role for China's yuan
  243. IMF calls for dollar alternative
  244. The IMF and the World Bank..how they differ...
  245. World Bank Group - International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings
  246. World Bank Calls for Overhaul of Monetary System
  247. MF Says Weaker Dollar Would Help Global Growth
  248. IMF says weaker dollar would help global growth
  249. Detailed New Briefing Paper on Iraq
  250. Limits of Floating Exchange Rates: the Role of Foreign Currency Debt and Import Struc