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  1. U.S., U.K. invaded Iraq to prop up currencies
  2. Iraq Begins IMF GDDS Participation 2/18/10
  3. Chalabi Causing Trouble as Iraqi Elections Near 2/18/10
  4. US Ambassador to Iraq Hill sees delay in Govt. formation
  5. Iraq’s attempt to regain int’l status
  6. New UN project to spur growth in Iraq?s private sector
  7. U.S. Seeks to Spur Iraq’s Economy by Ending UN Trade Sanctio
  8. read the last paragraph too.
  9. Maliki: everyone should be encouraged to unity and peace
  10. Iraq conducts exercises to secure March elections
  11. Curfew on election campaign in northern Iraqi province 2/19
  12. Violence Ramps Up During Iraqi Election Season 2/19/2010
  13. Sunni party drops out of Iraq's national elections
  14. Speaker arrives in Mosul to inspect preparations for electio
  15. Iranian troops crossed borders in Diala – source
  16. links
  17. Iraq..Kuwait stalmate
  18. Iraq: US signals end of the war with Operation New Dawn
  19. Popular Sunni political party to boycott Iraqi elections2/21
  20. The first of March, the date of cashing retired workers
  21. Statement on the U.S. Accusations of Iraqi National Figures
  22. Polls Indicate al-Maliki to WIN in the Elections
  23. CBI puts upgraded Calendar banks to obtain foreign loans2/21
  24. Al Maliki eyes to end employment in Iraq/22/2010
  25. Iranian bank in Basra soon, says consul 2/22/2010
  26. Finance Ministry releases housing loans... 2/22/2010
  27. During his visit to Basra province Maliki addressed..2/21/10
  28. And Ziralamalipl "We support the central bank"
  29. Iraqi Sunni election boycott fizzles 2-22-10
  30. Finance Minstry a new step aimed to improve living condition
  31. A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII sanctions
  32. French Ambassador: We will work to remove Iraq from Chapter
  33. A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII
  34. Umm Qasr port receives 2 cargo ships 2/23/2010
  35. The Warka Statement everyone is talking about( posted 2/15)
  36. Trade Ministry wants to activate Iraq’s int’l role
  37. Improved the Situation of the Future Depends on the Integrit
  38. ‘Militarization’ of society risks coups, says Iraq's VP 2/24
  39. As Elections Near, Iraqi PM's Support Wanes In South 2/23
  40. Only two-third Iraqis due to vote in March 7 election 2/23
  41. Office of the Anbar set a center for 41 special voting 2/24
  42. Iraqi Elections 2/24/2010
  43. Political first 2/24/2010
  44. SW Side lawmaker (from Chicago) to monitor elect 2/23
  45. Trade Ministry wants to activate Iraq’s int’l role 2/23/2010
  46. Iraq - February 24, 2010 Iraq Begins Participation
  47. UN Security Council resolutions will be issued within days s
  48. Talibani Press Release: Office of President 2/24/10
  50. Kurds Push for Oil Law with Baghdad Amid South’s Sudden Brig
  51. FACTBOX – The main issues facing Iraq’s next government
  52. News and Reports: Iraq’s Oil Revenues Amounted to 4,4 Billio
  53. General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers 2/24/2010
  54. UN Security Council Resolution 2/24/2010
  55. security crackdown in Fallujah 2/24/2010
  56. Maliki arrives in Muthanna to meet 2/24/2010
  57. More than 20 Iraqi officials had secretly visited Israel2/24
  58. course urges the candidates to communicate with voters 2/24
  59. Baathists in Qatar and Egypt pledged not to recognize 2/24
  60. top contenders in Iraq poll: survey 2/24/2010
  61. We will liberate the Iraqi economic 2/24/2010
  62. Iraqi budget for 2010 before approval 2/24/2010
  63. April is the completion of the equipment unloading 2/24/2010
  64. Installment amounts owed 2/24/2010
  65. Electoral Commission announces 2/24/2010
  66. Grains Council decides 2/24/2010
  67. religious authority calls for a strong participation 2/24/20
  68. The Arab and foreign countries to follow the example 2/24
  69. What to expect from the IMF meeting 2/24...
  70. al-maliki gambles on the deficit
  71. Iraq: Financial Position in the Fund
  72. Budget in 2010 2/24/2010
  73. Iraq Benchmarks
  74. al-maliki gambles on the deficit 2/23/2010
  75. Kurdish oil: Getting left behind 2/24/2010
  76. the French president's envoy arrives in Baghdad 2/24/2010
  77. Sunni leader decides to take part in Iraq election
  78. Profile: 'Chemical Ali'
  79. CBI dollar sales down
  80. Economic: The Rise of the Iraqi Dinar in the Saudi market
  81. Monetary Policy in Iraq
  82. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki
  83. Saudi huge budget to buy votes and a coup in Iraq
  84. urgent:Talabani will recieve French delegation
  85. Security Council to Free Iraq from Chapter VII 2/24/2010
  86. Iraq to reinstate 20,000 Saddam-era army officers
  87. Maliki, Allawi top contenders
  88. Baghdad’s Man in the Middle (Christopher Hill)
  89. World Bank approves $250 million loan for Iraq 2/26/2010
  90. UN LINK
  91. Key to Iraqi Stability Lies in Resolution of the Conflicting
  92. Conscious / Prime Minister: Iraq today has become a country
  93. Rashid Hotel is Hosting an Economic Conference Addresses the
  94. Oil to solve Iraqs problems
  95. World Bank took its time 2/28/2010
  96. Kurdistan Budget approved soon
  97. France seeks to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII
  98. U.S. works hard to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of UN Chart
  99. CBI governor says current exchange rate reasonable
  100. PM: Iraqi dinar re-evaluation has to do with economic condit
  101. Iraq 2010 budget to be passed
  102. Iraq Pressed to Ratify IAEA Additional Protocol
  103. Opec to negotiate Iraq production-quota status next year
  104. Tide turns as Kurds push for oil law
  105. All of a Sudden, US Quickly Finds Reason to Delay Troops Wit
  106. Maliki assesses security readiness for poll
  107. Political first: Talabani discuss with Paris Bwalun efforts
  108. U.S. works hard to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of UN Chart
  109. Baghdad’s investment budget to reach $1bn in 2010
  110. ISX registers slight increase, closes at 93.4 points
  111. Forward update
  112. IMF: Iraq economy achieves substantial progress
  113. Talibani Press Office Releases – 3/2/10
  114. Baghdad’s investment budget to reach $1bn in 2010
  115. Iraq is named its first ambassador in Kuwait for two decades
  116. COFE (Committee of Financial Experts) Meeting Minutes
  117. Central Bank recovered $ 10 billion, and implement a plan to
  118. Another Step Forward for Iraq
  119. Financial sources familiar with the "home" for the restorati
  120. Early voting begins ahead of March 7 Iraq election
  121. Iraqi committee forms means of exiting Chapter VII
  122. Oil Ministry to appoint all oil institutes? graduates
  123. Iraq asks IAEA to inform the Security Council to lift intern
  124. Iraq demands «Agency» work on lifting international restrict
  125. Iraq stresses support to IAEA in combating nuclear armament
  126. Market: Auction held by the central bank do not affect the l
  127. Abd al-Hadi al-Hassani: to limit for banks to trade civil mo
  128. Will Iraq’s democracy vindicate Bush?
  129. Gates Praises the Performance of Iraqi Security Forces, and Petraeus is Expected to B
  130. Petraeus is expected to exceed the difference after the election. 3-9-2010 12:39pm
  131. Oil Production Capacity in Iraq
  132. Astro Guy Post: 3/8/10 World Bank Link
  133. Al-Shahristani, Ruling Out an Increase World Oil Prices During the OPEC Meeting
  134. Iraq Household Socio-Economic Survey – IHSES-2007
  135. Maliki alone reaps more than a million votes, in Baghdad
  136. Conscious / OPEC basket price rises to 77.86 dollars a barrel
  137. Election results to be announced Thursday
  138. IHEC to announce election results tom. (Thur)
  139. FM to represent Iraq in Arab summit, says al-Dabbagh
  140. Iraq Expects to Step Up T-Bill Activity in 2010
  141. Iraqi Provinces to Reap $1 Per Each Barrel Produced From Their Oil Fields
  142. Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government Announced Today (11) and (1
  143. Iraq reopens borders with Syria after polls
  144. How is Iraq going to pull this off?
  145. Iraq to modernize public financial management
  146. Central Bank of Iraq: a policy of attracting funds and not vice versa
  147. Iraq to modernize public financial management
  148. ANALYSIS – OPEC may face Iraq challenge sooner than expected
  149. PM Maliki Organizing New Government
  150. CNN's Iraq Election Results Coming In
  151. Daily Google Alerts: Iraq Oil
  152. Iraqi PM Starts Laying Groundwork For New Govt
  153. UN sanctions on Iraq still in force
  154. U.S. Secretary of Defense asked the Saudi king forgive the debt of state on Iraq and
  155. Iraq Election May Leave Status of Kirkuk Uncertain
  156. U.S. to asked the Saudi king forgive the debt of state on Iraq and open a dialogue
  157. good news dinar holders part I
  158. good news part II
  159. Iraqi PM leads in early Baghdad Vote
  160. Maliki assassination attempt?
  161. UN sanctions on Iraq still in force
  162. The Iraq War: Suddenly, It's Not So Bad After All
  163. Arms cache found in Talafar
  164. Suspected weapons facilitator arrested outside Kirkuk
  165. ISF capture suspected AQI leaders for Baghdad, Tarmiyah regions
  166. Gold's cross-currency strength signals its evolution
  167. Iraq has never taken IMF loan
  168. mixed news from email from american contractor
  169. Final election results before the end of March – official
  170. ISX index down by 1.2%, closes at 100.5 points
  171. CBI sells 189m on Sun.
  172. I Was Am-Bushed On MSNBC Over Iraq
  173. Daily Google News Alert: Iraqi Oil
  174. New York Times reveals the smuggling of large amount of money from Iraq to America
  175. Ministry of Municipalities and confirm approval for the construction of water project
  176. CBI's Shabibi and UN Meeting March 23 - 24 -- Should be interesting!!!
  177. PM Maliki interview with CNN
  178. Iraq PM Maliki shot confirmed
  179. Iraqi PM Maliki injured in assassination bid amid election lead
  180. NVD is down bad news for exporters
  181. rebasing the dinarr
  182. Maliki assassination attempt...more details
  183. Maliki's Hospital Visit
  184. New Iraqi Government Should Not Challenge Oil Deals
  185. CPA order 39 Iraqi Investments
  186. CPA 39 cont:
  187. Iraq – First Programmatic Fiscal Sustainability Development Policy Loan
  188. Iraqi leader denies assassination attempt
  189. Iraq to seek bids in April for $6 bln port project
  190. US readies for exodus of men and machines
  191. Auction results for 3-16-2010
  192. AN election recount is called!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  193. again cbi playing with our minds and the zeros!!!
  194. Diala Co. achieves revenues of $3.7m
  195. Investment permits given to several projects in Baghdad
  196. Basra governor, French envoy discuss economic, cultural cooperation
  197. Recovery of economic activity in Talafar - mayor
  198. Umm Qasr port receives 3 merchant ships
  199. No a rumor any more the supplies ships are there!!!!
  200. Talabani: the next phase of the country out of crisis
  201. Merchant Ships in the Persian Gulf
  202. Challenger overtakes Iraq PM in overall vote count
  203. Spendthrift Trust- How to protect your money after the RV!
  204. Increasing banks’ capitals to ID250 billion to strengthen them
  205. ID26 billion loans from agriculture ministry
  206. Increasing banks' capitals to ID250 billion to strengthen them
  207. ID200b for sewage, ID100b for electricity in Basra
  208. CBI dollar sales go down to $186 million
  209. Khalifa Jaber: Adoption of the Law of Oil and Gas and Oil
  210. Iraq sells $2.1 Billion bonds to fund power deals!
  211. Minister of Finance signed agreement with the World Bank to lend Iraq $ 250 million
  212. Iraq considers extending Parliament term
  213. Web Link to Different Iraqi news sources in English (Enjoy)
  214. The end of the month .. the government is sending a message to the Security Council t
  215. Minister of Finance said on Wednesday that Iraq collected $ 2.1 billion from local ba
  216. Iraq elections resurrect Sadr
  217. Iranian bank opens branch in Basra
  218. Thi-Qar banks cancel Sat. holiday
  219. Cargo ships arrive at Iraqi ports
  220. Financial irregularities uncovered in Salah al-Din council
  221. CBI’s dollars sales drop further on Thur.
  222. Iraq signed a loan agreement with the World Bank $ 250 million
  223. Iraqi oil minister questions tenure
  224. world bank news
  225. Allawi leading!
  226. Trade Bank of Iraq implements real-time banking system!!!
  227. Iraq PM keeps lead in election vote count 03-18-2010 1356CST
  228. Iraq WB loan is actually 500 million. 2 part loan being 250M each
  229. CBI:Increasing banks' capitals to ID250 billion to strengthen them 3-17-10
  230. Iraqi oil minister questions tenure
  231. Success Removing Chapter 7
  232. Iraq out of chapter VII
  233. T bill market to boost banks liquidty
  234. Maliki first, Allawi second in Baghdad election – IHEC
  235. Expert asserts importance of benefiting from joint potential oilfields
  236. Chaos marks Iraq election vote tally
  237. New water dam in Diala
  238. New bridge in Najaf
  239. Expert asserts importance of benefiting from joint potential oilfields
  240. ISX register slight rise, closes at 97 points
  241. Flag this message Iraqi Premier Maliki Garners Most Votes After 89% Ballot Count
  242. Ayad Allawi interview
  243. Recommendations on the planning of the federal budget 2010 - 2014
  244. So, You don't think the politicians have made any money in this Iraq deal eh?
  245. the marinetraffic site
  246. Link to Arab Ports
  247. UPDATE: Iraq Ctrl Bank Plans To Rebase Dinar; No Time Fixed Yet
  248. The process of putting together a government and choosing Iraq’s next prime minister
  249. Iraq race neck-and-neck
  250. Rival edges ahead of Iraq PM in overall vote count