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  1. Political first: the end of the month .. the government send a letter to the Security
  2. Launch timetable for GCC single currency on March 30 - WILL IRAQ JOIN?
  3. IAEA recommends end of Iraqi restrictions
  4. UN Moves Closer To Lifting Iraq Sanctions
  5. Dates to keep in mind relating to Chapter 7:
  6. Iraq and Kuwait and chapter VII
  7. Washington to help iraq out of chapter 7
  8. Observers praise the endeavor of the State Department to get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  9. Approved a law on Iraq's accession to Convention on Protection of Nuclear Material
  10. Iraq oil law a priority, PM hopeful Allawi says
  11. Chapter 7 ~ Iraq Government Agrees to it's Obligations for Iraq to Emerge from Chapte
  12. France should be advocate of Kuwait in Iraq border problem, Kouchner
  13. hcl article positive
  14. * Kuwait to keep the currency basket peg
  15. posibly some forward progress on the HCL
  16. Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad: It's time to exit Iraq from Chapter VII
  17. Problems Between Iraq and Kuwait
  18. Iraqi-Kuwaiti talks to eject Iraq from Chapter VII
  19. Former MPs: Kuwait must choose between investments in Iraq and the issue of reparatio
  20. Kuwait’s action toward Iraq Airlines has negative effect on bilateral relations
  21. Politicians accuse Kuwait of seeking to sabotage the Iraqi economy
  22. Foreign Minister Meets with Representatives.... 5-10-10
  23. Kuwait is ready to help Iraq out of Chapter VII
  24. IBA News: Speaker of Parliament - Kuwait has expressed readiness to assist Iraq...
  25. kuwait to help iraq out of Chapter 7
  26. Ban encourages Iraq to implement outstanding UN issues ...
  27. Taha Shield: calls to resolve problems with Kuwait internationally
  28. Deferral of the joint commission meeting between Iraq and Kuwait
  29. Iraqi parliament speaker thanks Kuwait for keenness in stable Iraq
  30. Iraqi legal confirms that Kuwait would not get one penny ...
  31. Iraq calls for lifting UN sanctions
  32. Maliki confirms that the decision to disband the "Iraqi" inappropriate
  33. Zebari: outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait need to be a major government ...
  34. Iraq is committed to international resolutions on Kuwait
  35. France calls on the Iraqi government to speed up to provide Iraq with a modern milita
  36. we seek to close the outstanding issues with Kuwait and follow with interest the wate
  37. Iraq predicts "package deal" will be reached with Kuwait after elections
  38. Iraq joins the countries Interaction and Confidence Building in Asia
  39. Kuwait has received 17.5 billion dollars from Iraq of the total 41 billion dollars in
  40. Seek to expel Iraq from Chapter VII to be able to use this money freely
  43. Security Council: We have not found the remains of Kuwaitis in Iraq
  44. UN is giving advice to the parties of Iraq and kuwait to outst Iraq from chapter 7
  45. Government releases provinces’ share of oil production 6-22-2010
  46. Allawi to Washington: make amends can be corrected 6-24-2010
  47. Mulla: the invasion of Kuwait was behind the internationalization of the Iraq issue a
  48. Iraq today needs the support of major countries to get him out of the seventh item
  49. Candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi government calls for removing his country f
  50. getting Iraq out of the control of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.
  51. Chapter 7 will remain in place until Iraq has a seated government.
  52. United Nations Mission: optimistic about Iraq would emerge from the seventh item in
  53. Hydrocarbons law is a priority for Iraq
  54. Zebari said in New York soon to discuss the seventh item..good news
  55. French trying to get Iraq out of Chapter 7
  56. The Arab League to expel Iraq from Chapter VII
  57. Hillary Clinton Chat with Zabari
  58. Conscious / MP Walid Abboud: the government will delay the formation of a shadow on t
  59. to get Iraq out of Chapter VII of enormous effort by France
  60. Sounds like he's saying chapter 7 along with other resolutions are gone
  61. Iraq- Out of Chapter 7 on August 4- ????
  62. August 4th, UNSC meeting will tell whether Iraq qualified to emerge from Chapter VII
  63. France will support Iraq to be exempt of Chapter 7
  64. Iraq pays $30 billion as compensation to Kuwait
  65. A local deputy: I did not take into account the demarcation of the border with Kuwait
  66. Good Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations key to solving differences -- Al-Bayati
  67. UN calls on Iraq to form Government
  68. Baghdad urged to meet resolutions on Kuwait
  69. Newspaper: imminent agreement between Kuwait and Iraq on the oil fields shared
  70. Zebari, Feltman discuss efforts to get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  71. Iraq: Most significant economic issues and proposals to absorb unemployment and human
  72. Ch.7 / GCC agrees to support Qatar's move to chair UN General Assembly
  73. Kuwait declares end to the pending files with Iraq
  74. U.S. Ambassador affirms his country's keenness to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  75. Conscious / Minister of the Interior Kuwait confirms that achieve all the goals meeti
  76. Iraq postponed the payment of compensation for U.S. citizens and submit them to parli
  77. International coordinator will visit Iraq to discuss the file of prisoners and missin
  78. France Pushes to Remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  79. Bush: Proud of what I have done in Iraq and I saved the economy
  80. FM, Melkert discuss ways to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII
  81. GCC stock markets chiefs see eye to eye on standardizing systems
  82. Iraqi government coming in and out of the international trusteeship (Ch VII)
  83. White House looms that Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII in the case of the Kurds [no
  84. Zebari looking to quickly get Iraq out of Chapter VII
  85. Dr. Shabibi and the Foreign Minister meets with the heads of the Security Council
  86. Iraq seeks to extend the protection and immunity on its assets and revenues
  87. Kuwait recognized borders against Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII
  88. Maliki vows to end all outstanding issues with Kuwait
  89. UNAMI works to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII
  90. Iraq: removing Iraq from Chapter VII
  91. Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 1936 (2010) (S/
  92. Security Council announces special events on Iraq and youth this month
  93. There's little appetite now for a single Gulf currency
  94. The issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII will be one of the most important issues
  95. Iraq is demanding UNSC Chapter VII release; Issue will be raised Dec 15
  96. Melkert from Cairo Sunday Night: We emphasize the need to remove Iraq from Chapter VI
  97. German Foreign Minister: Berlin supports the lifting of international sanctions on Ir
  98. Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII of the middle of this month
  99. Biden discussed with Maliki the UN Security Council meeting on Iraq
  100. UN Moves Towards Ending Iraq’s Chapter VII
  101. Maliki and Biden discuss ways of removing Iraq from Chapter VII
  102. Nujaifi expresses concern about the growing anger in the Iraqi street as a result kee
  103. MP Mhkour: The removal of Ch VII concern the interests of Iraq economically, socially
  104. Security Council will cancel some of the Chapter VII resolutions as a prelude to norm
  105. UN set to lift sanctions that prohibited Iraq from pursuing civilian nuclear program
  106. Iraq confirms its commitment to resolving all outstanding issues with the State of Ku
  107. UN Security Council end the majority of the sanctions imposed on Iraq after its invas
  108. Conscious / eliminates the UN Security Council sanctions
  109. Iraq appreciates all the efforts that have been made to lift the sanctions
  110. Abdul Bari Zebari: Lifting of International Sanctions on Iraq, Moved to Safety, Polit
  111. Kuwait Dues Still In Force
  112. Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Iraq is committed to paying compensation to Kuwait
  113. Iraq’s Isolation Draws To an End With Less of a Bang Than a Whimper; Kuwait wanting p
  114. Kuwait welcomes UNSC Iraq-related resolutions
  115. On the road to freedom from the restrictions of Chapter VII
  116. Najafi: exit Iraq from item VII a historic opportunity to be invested
  117. Iraq Chapter 7 ~ The end of sanctions? Not Quite ...
  118. Item VII .. There are still things remaining
  119. References Najaf renewing the claim to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  120. Deputy National Alliance: Opportunity to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  121. Iraqi parliament hosts Iraqi Foreign Minister tomorrow; Discuss outstanding Chapter V
  122. Foreign Minister: Iraq on the way to emerge from Chapter VII
  123. Central Bank Consultant: The size of banks in the Iraqi market to exceed 10%
  124. Kuwait rejects cancel internationalization issues outstanding with Iraq
  125. Zebari said Iraq was going to Kuwait $ 21 billion
  126. MP Rehab blessing: Kuwaiti side of his desire to resolve outstanding issues with Iraq
  127. MP Hamid Buffy: Kuwait deduct 5% of the livelihood of Iraq, who live under the povert
  128. Nagi: Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker looks forward to improved relations between t
  129. Kuwaiti dinar increased against US dollar
  130. Iraq FM Zebari Press Release: Meeting with US Asst Sec of State Feltman; Discuss Ch V
  131. Zebari, in London, looking out the requirements of Iraq from Chapter VII
  132. UN Sec General calls on Iraq to make concrete progress in its commitments to the rema
  133. UN Sec General suggests Maliki reaffirm in writing Kuwait’s land boundary
  134. Committee on Energy and oil the process of amending the draft investment law crude oi
  135. Citizen) sources: Iraq seeks to emerge from Chapter VII for us
  136. Emir of Kuwait appoints new Prime Minister
  137. Dinar peg helped avoid inflationary pressures’
  138. Chapter VII is nearing its end in Iraq
  139. Kuwait Pledges to Persuade the Gulf States to Attend the Summit in Baghdad
  140. Exit from Chapter VII the end of June
  141. Kuwaiti dinar gains against US dollar, comes to 0.275 per USD
  142. Lawmakers request ban on future oil contracts until HCL is passed
  143. Calls for UN and US to take a positive role in removing Iraq from CH VII
  144. Future of iraq put on table in un security council
  145. Jumaili: threats to hit Port Mubarak will create a new crisis between Iraq and Kuwai
  146. Parliamentarians "And With": Report of the United Nations Last May Hamper Iraq Exit F
  147. Nassif: the U.S. government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  148. Maliki gets pledge from Obama to help remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  149. Economic: the differences between Iraq and Kuwait will affect the movement of trade
  150. Kuwait FM receives two letters from Iraqi, US counterparts
  151. Iraq's Ambassador to the United Nations: We are working to abolish the various files
  152. Kuwait "astonished" with Iraqi demand to cease Mobarak Terminal
  153. Kuwait, the Iraqi government officially calls off construction of a port Mubarak
  154. Kuwait gets $1.06 bn in Iraqi reparation: UN
  155. Port Mubarak is contrary to law, and Iraq will not remain silent
  156. Government is moving: high-level delegation to visit Kuwait to discuss the (Mubarak)
  157. Kuwait cabinet reviews UNAMI report on Iraq”s obligations
  158. Committee on Oil and Energy: We have completed the tenth materials in fiftieth of mat
  159. Iraq, Statement From Political and Constitutional Affairs, UNAMI
  160. Iraq FM Zebari, Assistant Foreign Minister discuss the issue of Iraq out from Chapter
  161. Iraq alters oil law draft to erode Kurdish powers
  162. Zebari discuss with Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs to com
  163. Iraq is moving to resolve a compromise to resolve the issue of management of oil weal
  164. Baghdad: Removing Iraq from Chapter VII !!!
  165. Maliki confirms the possibility of resolving the dispute over the oil and gas law
  166. Discusses need to exit from CH VII
  167. Economists say that the best way to pull the country out of Chapter VII is to attract
  168. Hydrocarbon Reserves in Iraq
  169. Parliamentary Finance Committee: Network of lawyers will recover funds of the former
  170. Solution to Kirkuk issue is implementing Article 140
  171. Committees shall solve disputes over Baghdad-Erbil, Article 140, HCL
  172. UN pays out another $1 billion from Iraqi oil fund
  173. GOI and Erbil reached positive results and agreements on HCL, 140, etc
  174. Meeting with UN Secretary-General of the UN: Mr. Hakim confirmed the need to work out
  175. UN’s Kobler meets Islamic Supreme Council leader Hakim; Leader emphasizes the need to
  176. What is CH VII and why does Kuwait insist on keeping Iraq in it?
  177. White bloc calls for the Obama administration to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  178. Iraqi white bloc: Calls on Obama calls to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  179. Kurdistan hydrocarbon conference underway
  180. State of Law MP: It is responsibility of the United States to remove Iraq from Chapte
  181. UN: Iraq-Kuwait relations is a top priority
  182. White Bloc demanding America to drive Iraq from Chapter VII, Says its their duty
  183. Iraqi MP calls on US to use its position in Security Council to exclude Iraq from UN
  184. Reuters: Iraqi List tells leadership not to sign any agreement with US without pledge
  185. Ashour: U.S. withdrawal doesn’t mean Iraq’s return to full sovereignty, unless out of
  186. Iraq government must bind US to annul Chapter VII sanctions before withdrawal
  187. Iraq Foreign Minister will discuss Iraq’s exit from CH VII with UN Sec General, Sec S
  188. Zebari will meet with Secretary General of the United Nations; Deliver three reports
  189. Veteran Foes Ahmad Chalabi, Ayad Allawi Unite Against Iraq's Prime Minister
  190. UNSC to discuss three reports to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; Zebari talks to perman
  191. Mahmoud Othman invoke the seventh item Omelv Kuwait and Ward when the Americans
  192. Iraqi List MP accuses the U.S. occupation of breaking promises; Urges the removal of
  193. Maliki will discuss CH VII during US visit: Without CH VII release we dont have full
  194. Iraq won’t accept the entry of US troops again under any pretext; US promised to help
  195. Iraqs chapter 7 to end in 2012
  196. Muhammad Iqbal: the need to give assurances to the reserving States on past practices
  197. Iraq must contact Kuwait to exit Chapter VII
  198. Withdrawal pave the way for the U.S. remove Iraq from Chapter VII
  199. Iraqi lawmakers are concerned Iraq has yet to be removed from Chapter VII
  200. Iraq meeting its obligations to Kuwait enhances exit from Chapter VII
  201. In harmony, Americans and Kuwaiti keep Iraq under Chapter VII, despite the absence of
  202. US did not work to remove Iraq from CH VII during the years of occupation
  203. Maliki renewed his call to support Iraq out of Chapter VII
  204. United Nations happy to withdraw the U.S. from Iraq and demanding Nujaifi remove the
  205. Iraq demands to be out of UN Chapter VII, Nujaifi
  206. Iraqi sovereignty is still incomplete are not out of Chapter VII
  207. Oil and Energy Committee Member: We will seek to vote on the law of oil and gas (HCL)
  208. Deputy for Iraq List: Survival of Iraq under Chapter VII sanctions will depress econo
  209. Uzmatk _ but Talabani accuses Kuwait of non Taataawneha in resolving outstanding issu
  210. Kuwait will not put any obstacles in front of Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII
  211. Economist: lifting the seventh item on Iraq would give the Iraqi banks to deal with
  212. A seminar on Iraq's accession to the WTO
  213. Deputy Karim: The survival of Iraq under Chapter VII makes the United States in contr
  214. Iraq seeks to settle Kuwaiti issues through investments; Decision on CH VII expected
  215. KUWAIT: The pressure on Iraq to make concessions in order to attend the summit.....
  216. Kuwait: Its not our policy to pressure Iraq to make concessions in order to attend Ar
  217. Mr. Hakim discussed with the Kuwaiti Ambassador common issues between the two countri
  218. Iraq and Kuwait are generally moving towards stability
  219. Vice-Awadi: a secret deal between Baghdad and Kurdistan to pass the oil and gas law
  220. “Chapter VII, and inhibitors of banking” double the investment process behind the fai
  221. Iraq must get out of Chapter VII
  222. Member of Iraq’s Oil and Energy Committee: Next month Oil and gas (HCL) law will be p
  223. Australian ambassador supports taking Iraq out of Chapter VII
  224. We hope Maliki’s has success to drive Iraq from Chapter VII during his visit to Kuwai
  225. Iraq out of Chapter VII will contribute to the development of relations of Iraq and K
  226. Iraq is linked to economic relations with Kuwait, tribal and must resolve all
  227. Iraq seeks Italy’s help on UN Chapter VII removal
  228. Iraq’s departure from Chapter VII sanctions is the decision of the United Nations
  229. Suheil invites Germany and EU countries to support Iraq out of huge item VII
  230. Sahlani: there are countries along with Kuwait is seeking to keep Iraq under Chapter
  231. Maliki’s visit to Kuwait will put an end to the peremptory between the two countries;
  232. Iraq Expects Kuwait Will Write Off Loans: Dabbagh
  233. . calls for Maliki to demand that Kuwait took him out of Chapter VII during his visit
  234. Foreign Relations of the citizen: the Syrian file and exit of Iraq from Chapter VII A
  235. Kuwait anticipate Maliki’s visit emphasizes the importance of holding a summit of Bag
  236. IS MP calls Maliki to demand Kuwait to relief Iraq of UN’s 7th Chapter
  237. UN: the return of relations between Kuwait and Iraq will accelerate in the out of Cha
  238. Biden affirms to Maliki the US readiness to support getting Iraq from Article VII man
  239. Iraqi optimism the outcome of talks with Kuwait
  240. Iraqi Finance Ministry confirms Iraq’s ability to pay the dues of Kuwait
  241. Flights between Iraq and Kuwait to take place within next six months
  242. Economists divided on Iraq compensation proposal
  243. Iraq and Kuwait .. Confidence-building
  244. Iraqi – Kuwait committee will meet soon to end the file Airlines
  245. Ban to visit Kuwait March 28; Attends Arab summit in Baghdad March 29
  246. Maliki did not make concessions to Kuwait in return for lifting its debt
  247. Iraqi List demands to question Maliki and uncover the agreements signed with Kuwait in a public hearing
  248. Parliament: the government raising the issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII in the summit
  249. call on UN to lift Iraq from Chapter VII
  250. Kuwait declares near activate the work of joint committees with Iraq on the outstanding issues