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  1. Posts in reference to the March 7th Elections
  2. Improved the Situation of the Future Depends on the Integrit
  3. Polls Indicate al-Maliki to WIN in the Elections
  4. Biden, UN official discuss preparations for March 7 election
  5. Iraq Election
  6. Iraq Elections
  7. Sunni leader decides to take part in Iraq election
  8. Foes Maliki, Allawi 'top contenders in Iraq poll'
  9. Clinton cites Iranian effort to sway Iraqi vote
  10. Polls indicate al-Maliki to win in the elections
  11. Q+A-Can Iraq protect its election from violence?
  12. ADVISORY-Reuters stories ahead of Iraq's March 7 election
  13. Iraq Pushes On With Reinstating Saddam-Era Troops
  14. The New Rules: Winners and Losers in Iraq’s Upcoming Electio
  15. Stock Exchange Decided to Stop for Trading During the Recess
  16. Maliki at Risk in Coming Iraq Election
  17. Iraq’s oil deals dominate PM election campaign
  18. Nouri al-Maliki most popular candidate as Iraq general elect
  19. ISX to cease trading during elections
  20. Research Center Emirates: Elections Will Determine the Futur
  21. CBI cancels sessions for elections
  22. Results of Iraq elections may take six months to see
  23. A call for Media Silence for the Elections
  24. Curfew in Baghdad for election
  25. Saleh encourages voting
  26. Iran stops Iraqi diplomates from voting
  27. Ambassador describes excitement around Iraq’s upcoming elect
  28. Why This Sunday’s Election Will Create Major Problems For Ir
  29. Iraqi leaders wind up election campaign
  30. Election hailed a success despite deaths
  31. Iraq May Face Months of Haggling as Leaders Say Vote Was Close
  32. Statement by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nation
  33. Maliki’s coalition seen leading (AP)
  34. Life is returning to normal in Baghdad and the election results .. the center of mode
  35. Iraqi voter turnout estimated at 62%
  36. Maliki Alone Reaps More Than a Million Votes, in Baghdad
  37. Some Iraq Results Coming Wednesday
  38. UN Calls for Iraqi Candidates and Parties to Accept Election Results
  39. SRSG says election results to be announced Thursday morning
  40. Iraq PM said to be ahead on eve of vote results
  41. Interview w/ Brett H. McGurk, International Affairs
  42. Partial results of Iraq election expected
  43. Iraq PM said to be ahead on eve of vote results
  44. PM Maliki leads Iraq vote in two provinces
  45. an anti-american slant on the elections in iraq.
  46. U.N. ‘Impressed’ By Iraqi Elections
  47. Writer Confirms That the Coalition of Law Nominated al-Maliki for Prime Minister
  48. I was affraid of this on the elections
  49. Iraq PM takes poll lead in key province
  50. Iraq’s Al-Maliki Wins Most Parliament Seats, Party Says
  51. IHEC: Extra ballot cards will be destroyed soon
  52. Iraqis are demanding fast counting and announcement of results
  53. Iraqi Vote Signals Shift from Religious Leaders
  54. Frustration Grows in Iraq at Slow Pace of Vote Tally
  55. Final election results before the end of March – official
  56. Political First: European Commission Today Announced the Results of Screening 60 Perc
  57. Iraqi parliamentary race remains close
  58. Iraq PM tightens grip on Baghdad: updated results
  59. Iraqi Parliamentary Election a "Tremendous Success"
  60. Allawi leads Maliki for first time in Iraq count
  61. Iraq PM, main rival projected to tie on seat count
  62. Saudi Arabia fears that a democratic Iraq will inspire the Saudis and Gulf
  63. Iraq's PM leads again in tight election race
  64. IHEC will attempt to announce 90% of vote count - spokesman
  65. Eissawi, Ad Melkert meet over elections
  66. raqi leader al-Maliki reclaims vote lead ~ Pulls ahead of rival Allawi
  67. Iraq: The exit looms
  68. Iraq PM keeps lead in election vote count
  69. Baghdad’s Poor See Hope in Election
  70. Maliki ahead of Allawi won 40 thousand votes in the whole of Iraq
  71. The final word of the ((20%)) remaining
  72. National Alliance leads in Missan election
  73. News Summary
  74. Allawi content with IHEC performance
  75. Iyad Allawi announced he would not accept the return of the rule of al-Maliki and ref
  76. Allawi, Maliki's attack and announced his rejection of his second term
  77. Role of Baathist and attempts to manipulate election results
  78. Hopes fade-Maliki to form a government after the meetings of Arbil
  79. Urgent: the expulsion of 20 employees in the Office of receiving bribes from the Iraq
  80. Election news
  81. Al-Maliki, Allawi neck-to-neck in Iraqi parliamentary elections'' results so far
  82. Iraq's Maliki asks for recount, warns of violence
  83. Issawi, Hill discuss election
  84. Final results of election Friday, says IHEC chief
  85. Maliki calls for vote recount in Iraq
  86. demands recount
  87. Iraq Election Head Rejects Al-Maliki Call for Recount (Update1)
  88. Maliki seeks recount in Iraq elections from L.A. Times
  89. Demand for recount adds to political tension in Iraq
  90. Iraq's Premier Endorses a Recount of the Vote
  91. Post Election ... how GOI is formed ... expected problems.
  92. recount
  93. Iraq Braces Itself for Post-Election Violence
  94. Legal expert: the Constitution prevents Allawi to become prime minister because of hi
  95. Maliki back in the lead
  96. Iraq election front-runners court possible allies
  97. U.S. Officials Meet Iraqi Leader After Recount Call
  98. Iraq's democracy is messy but genuine
  99. Sadrists deny the alliance with al-Maliki
  100. Iraq election front-runners court possible allies
  101. Iraq vote recount calls rejected
  102. Recount demands spell trouble for Iraq's elections
  103. Iraq Government insists on recounting votes
  104. State of Law and National Alliance hold talks - (this is Maliki and Allawi)
  105. IHEC chairman:Iraq votes recount impossible
  106. Iraq Parliament new map shapes up
  107. IHEC to declare Iraq poll results in 2 days
  108. Coming from the days warning of surprises - a prime minister next put the stick betwe
  109. Elections Results
  110. Commission announces final results of the elections
  111. Coming from the days warning of surprises
  112. Iraq PM’s supporters take to the streets in recount call
  113. No manual recounting of votes – IHEC
  114. Iraqi parties maneuver to form government amidst calls for recount Read more: http
  115. Iraqi minister demands vote-results delay
  116. final results of elections are known and will not surprise
  117. Maliki Aide Warns of Postvote Violence if Sunni Group Wins
  118. Iraqi tension rises as poll candidates dispute result on eve of election
  119. Osama al-Tikriti: the number of seats does not mean that consensus fell role in parli
  120. Tight security measures in Wassit until forming new government
  121. UNAMI says IHEC to decide future steps
  122. Iraq vote results near, Maliki backers urge recount
  123. Iraqi Unity Coalition calls IHEC to delay announcing results
  124. IHEC to announce Elections’ results tonight
  125. (URGENT) election results: the law and the Iraqi National III
  126. Iraq poll results to be released in hours, Politics 3/26/2010 5:45:00 PM
  127. Challenger Allawi takes most seats in Iraq vote
  128. Iraqi PM says he will challenge election results
  130. With Iraqi Votes Tallied, Deal-Making Begins
  131. Iraq's Allawi in coalition talks after poll win
  132. Samarraie urges winning blocs to be “rational and responsible”
  133. Allawi's list won two seats and al-Maliki rejected
  134. Maliki says he is on course to form the largest parliamentary bloc
  135. WASHINGTON: Iraqi elections Station significant democratic
  136. Iraq coalition talks 'open to all' - Iyad Allawi
  137. Court Decision Before Iraq Vote May Complicate Result
  138. News Politics Allawi begins coalition talks after poll win
  139. Court Decision Before Iraq Vote May Complicate Result
  140. Iraq coalition talks 'open to all' - Iyad Allawi
  141. From Elections to a New Government (Iraq’s Process of Forming a New Govt)
  142. Allawi: We will work quickly and to resolve differences between the Kurds and the Gov
  143. Election analysis from yahoo news
  144. Allawi has uphill road to turn Iraq win into power
  145. Names of winners to be published Mon- IHEC
  146. Al-Maliki directed sharp criticism at the UN role in Iraqi elections
  147. An Iraqi's election perspective - here in US and went to Iraq to vote
  148. The future of Iraq's Media
  149. Prime minister’s forces detain, investigate winning candidates
  150. Citizens in the province of Kirkuk, demanding the implementation of the winning blocs
  151. Obama slips into Afghanistan to voice US resolve
  152. Kurdistan Alliance rule out the formation of the next government, Iyad Allawi
  153. Hassani: Allawi will not be able to gain a majority and the Iraqis (revenge) for demo
  154. Four judges tried to open the ballot boxes - the Federal Court ratified the names of
  155. Allawi Nominated As Next Iraqi PM
  156. UN - Iraq elections an historic achievement, UN says as results are announced
  157. Allawi poised for a comeback
  158. Sunaid reveals about a meeting between Maliki and the Sadrists
  159. Denied the existence of a government decision to dissolve the Authority
  160. Kurds appeased in preparation for the Alliance
  161. Sadrists hint at a merger with State of Law
  162. Allawi poised for a comeback
  163. Sadrist Movement faces uncertain future
  164. Maliki is block in Iraq coalition merger talks
  165. Maliki and al-Jaafari meet
  166. Maliki, a stumbling block
  167. Iraq's fledgling democracy
  168. UNSC congratulates Iraq for "successful" elections
  169. Iraqi Shiite leader supports the formation of a government
  170. Political scene has increased uncertainty
  171. Iraqi government is harassing winning candidates, Sunnis say
  172. BAGHDAD (AP) Iraq Sadrist supporters vote in PM referendum
  173. President of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq
  174. Sdar office in Najaf reports “very good” participation in referendum
  175. Leader of Iraqi Shiite party gives boost to Allawi
  176. Sadrists hold Iraqi PM Poll
  177. Strong U.S. efforts to support Allawi to take the next government
  178. Nuri al-Maliki to form a "government of national partnership"
  179. al-Obeidi: We will support half of the votes wins the referendum
  180. Security Council calling for respect for election results
  181. meeting between the Kurds and the hunchback auspices of the United Nations
  182. Allawi: I will respect the signed deals with major oil companies
  183. Allawi has great chance to head govt.-politician
  184. Division among Iraq’s Shiites good news for Allawi
  185. State of Law and National Alliance meet to form alliance
  186. Maliki: a recount of votes a constitutional requirement and the public will not Ntazl
  187. Conscious / leadership in the Iraqi List: We agreed with the National Coalition and t
  188. Fattah al-Sheikh NOAA: Allawi accepted international, Arab and international will be
  189. The sixth option most fortunate - the Sadrists:
  190. next week, see the announcement of alliances political blocs to the next stage
  191. The start of formal talks between the winning lists
  192. arrangements to hold an expanded meeting between political leaders
  193. Iraq’s Allawi Wins Backing from Shiite Party in Coalition Bid
  194. vote recount if judicial decision is not found
  195. Iraqi elections ... realistic conclusions
  196. discussion between the President of the Republic of Iraq and the President of Parliam
  197. may take more than two months to form the next government
  198. President Talabani calls for the need to speed up the formation of a government
  199. U.S. Envoy Says Iraqi Parties Held Talks in Iran
  200. UN backs Iraq election results
  201. Final results announced soon
  202. Contradiction between the leaders of Maliki's coalition over signs of a rift
  203. Allawi says Iraq impasse drags on...may take 2 to 5 months
  204. Iraq ex-premier Jaafari wins Sadr 'referendum'
  205. Sadrists shun Iraq front-runners
  206. Sadrists announced referendum victory
  207. Allawi is expected to form a new government mid-June next
  208. Race between Maliki and Allawi courtship of Shi'ites and Iran
  209. The challenge of how to allocate parliamentary seats
  210. Iraqi politicians roam the region to rally support for a new government
  211. Talabani and Biden discuss the elections
  212. Iraq's premier loses close race
  213. Iraq's Sadrists Reject Top Election Winners
  214. Iraq poll updates after objections soon
  215. Allawi: We want an inclusive government that includes all political entities, capable
  216. Al-Iraqiya: Allawi for PM post despite objections Al-Iraqiya: Allawi for PM pos
  217. Iraqi voters voted on the basis of sectarian and ethnic and language
  218. Office: 317 appeals elections and the Federal Court authorized the ratification of th
  219. The rule of law rejects the presence of «round table»
  220. Ratifications of election results 4/8/2010
  221. Sadrists ingratiate themselves from Al-Maliki and chanting "Yes, yes, Mr. Leader"
  222. Why do you put al-Sadr al-Jaafari on his right and left-Maliki, Allawi on his left?
  223. Iraq coalition talks 'open to all' - Iyad Allawi
  224. one parlament down 1 to go
  225. Maliki withdraws nomination for 2nd term
  226. Maliki steps down as bid for pm of iraq wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rv
  227. Maliki Withdraws
  228. I don't know what up with mailiki did he step down or not
  229. Sadrists close to form coalition with al-Maliki
  230. State of Law Denies Withdrawal of Maliki for PM
  231. Allawi, Maliki's alliance .. Speculation surrounded by easy abstention pending ratifi
  232. Maliki Withdraws His Nomination as PM 4/11/10
  233. Sadrists candidate for prime minister .. Pre-empt the nomination race candidates
  234. Abbadi, al-Shahristani leaks of the withdrawal of Maliki's nomination
  235. The Board of Commissioners defend evidense of fraud
  236. Arab League warns neighboring countries from interfering in the Iraqi issue
  237. National Coalition did not name its candidate
  238. Sadrists close to form coalition with al-Maliki
  239. Allawi's view on the alliance with the Sadrists
  240. Sadrists a sharp attack on Mr. Nuri al-Maliki
  241. how to select a new PM
  242. 750,000 Iraqi votes in question: Maliki’s bloc
  243. Union of Writers: the Judicial Committee of objections received on the election
  244. State of Law denies withdrawal of Al-Maliki for PM nomination
  245. Report: Iranian dreams topple al-Maliki for a second term
  246. Iraqi PM's Alliance: Election Tainted by Up to 750,000 Fraudulent Votes
  247. Violations marred the process..evidence of manipulating election results
  248. The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, the right to form the next government
  249. Al-Maliki Did Not withdraw his nomination for PM post
  250. Allawi's secularism may not fly in today's Iraq Posted: Apr 12, 2010 12:03 AM Updated